Winnebago County Health Department offers Paxlovid treatment for COVID-19


WINNEBAGO COUNTY – The Winnebago County Health Department is offering the antiviral treatment Paxlovid to anyone who tests positive for COVID.

Paxlovid is an oral medication used to treat COVID-19. It’s three tablets taken twice a day for five days. Anyone 12 and older who tests positive for the virus can schedule an appointment for this treatment with the Winnebago County Health Department.

“It’s a commitment that people have to make during those five days to take the drug, but very effective in preventing serious illnesses and their consequences,” says Dr. Sandra Martell, public health administrator for the health department of the Winnebago County.

If you make an appointment, you will need to visit the health department to make sure that any pre-existing conditions or medications are not interfering with Paxlovid.

“You don’t necessarily need your health care provider to do that. And you really support protecting our healthcare system for things like heart attacks and seizures, and people who need diabetes care.

It is possible for people to rebound and test positive again, but doctors say the chances of having symptoms after treatment are rare.

“Some people report that within the first two doses they are symptom free and feel significantly better after taking Paxlovidm,” says Dr. Stephen Bartlett of OSF St. Anthony.

Health experts say it’s not a perfect cure, but Winnebago County remains in a community setting, which means the health care system is starting to strain.

“If you think you’ve tested it, and if they’re testing positive impacts on it. It really, really works,” says Dr. Bartlett.

Since its first offer in August. More than 20 people made appointments and about half received doses.

Anyone interested in Paxlovid treatment can register for an appointment through the Winnebago County Health Department website. They have places available five days a week.


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