What books does Brianna bring back in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone?


We knew Brianna had a bag full of stuff when she returned to the past. What books were in her bag in Go tell the bees that I’m gone?

There was a question for everyone when it came to Brianna going back in time. What was going to be in his bag? We knew there must be a lot of items from the past, but would they be useful for the War of Independence or just fun items for everyone to look at?

It turned out that there was a mixture. At first Go tell the bees that I’m gone, we learn that she brought back three books. They are all important in their own way, and one of the books is certainly important for the future events of the book.

Green Eggs and Ham, Lord of the Rings, and more in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone

The first book Brianna is putting out is Green Eggs and Ham. Dr. Suess’s book is one of many children’s favorites today, and it’s no surprise Mandy adores it. She even tries to show off her reading skills, although Jemmy and Germain interrupt her.

After that, Bree pulls out the other books. There are technically five books, although she only comes out with two more. The first is The Lord of the Rings.

Roger specifies that the other two books in the trilogy are also in the bag. They thought it would be interesting for Jamie to read, and it’s not like the books aroused so much suspicion now. These are fantastic books with elves and hobbits. Of course, the people of the day were simply sweeping the fantasy world for superstition.

Jamie has the great idea that everyone takes turns reading a chapter each night. I love that we get this reminder of how they connect as a family at night. Claire thinks about how she, Jamie, Jenny and Ian would spend their evenings decades earlier.

The last of the books is the most important. Bree reports a book written by Frank. It was released after Claire returned to the past, so she never knew it. This is the one that seems to be about Jamie, making it clear that Frank has spent a lot of time researching James Fraser. What did he really know about Claire and Bree’s past?

This inclusion certainly raises a lot of questions about Frank. It would be nice to have a book on Frank to fill in some of these gaps.

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