We can’t let the angrier voices in society lead our way


We are run out of time. One year after one coup attempt has not changed enough to prevent the next. There is a clear and dangerous line since the attack on Capitol Hill last January, the misdirected pandemic fury and the ongoing attacks on the independence of our elections. A power-hungry president tried to destroy the American project. The politicization of common sense health measures has perverted a national crisis into a series of national tragedies. Poisonous rage infects all levels of our civil society, down to municipalities and schools. Merely lamenting these divisions or making empty calls to “come together” is as good as silence. History insists that we take action. It will take all of us to prevent the erosion of the foundations of communities. Democracy itself is at stake.

The crooks take advantage of weakening American institutions, eroding faith in democratic ideals and common goodwill. The reckless lie compromises a

Better future. Indulging in illusions has demonized public servants, from school administrators to health professionals and electoral boards. There are still millions of people in denial of the 2020 election results because corrupt liars have driven their supporters to alienation, crime, and even injury and death. The performative refusals to accept clear and confirmed electoral reports have prompted a still latent insurgency. Raw hatred erupts from keyboards and microphones, as those who fall victim to conspiracies regard neighbors as traitors. It is not a normal policy, nor an expression of freedom; it is political violence. The truth can hurt, but these lies kill people.

Tribalism and group thinking are not unique to one party, but the cult of a politician is dangerous and anti-American. Republican values ​​have been abandoned by the GOP. A party with an honorable democratic tradition is now more committed to protecting the fragile ego of a spoiled man than the lives of Americans. This party has rejected free speech because it purges disagreements from its ranks and mocks mainstream Republicans for standing up for their principles. Representatives like Anthony Gonzales and Adam Kitzinger are not seeking re-election due to “toxic dynamics” in their party, while Representative Liz Cheney is under siege. Recently, Representative Dan Crenshaw called this “performative” caucus of false conservatives over their selfish agendas. Only a handful of people remain in a party that no longer advocates personal responsibility, patriotism or the rule of law, as it soaks up grudge, regurgitates Kremlin propaganda, and ignores them. attacks on US elections.

America ultimately lost the Republican Party in 2021, but we haven’t lost Republicans. We have not lost our Constitution. Voting on superficial political allegiances is not democratic, so each of us should be aware of our power and responsibility. Each of us must engage with our communities, civil society and elections. The stakes are too high for normal partisan games. Disagreements are real and worldviews are not impersonal, but hate is a weapon of political hacking. Right now, the more angry voices are establishing agendas to divide, rehash culture wars, intimidate students into regressive compliance, and deny real security threats. Communities will only build trust if we learn to understand the diversity of beliefs and experiences. We cannot allow politicians to control our classes. We will not accept death threats as normal policy. The Americans have broad agreements despite great differences in information, and we have now shared experiences that may bring us closer. It is only by acting and voting together that we can keep schools and businesses safe and overcome the challenges of our community. Vote for our future, not on a bitter past, or we will lose this republic.

Kyle Esposito lives in the Township of East Rockhill.


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