Upper age limit of 25 years for admission into veterinary medicine course has been removed, according to Center in Delhi HC


The Union of India has informed the Delhi High Court that the provision of the upper age limit of 25 years for admission to Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry has been removed. Barrister Nirvikar Verma, who appeared on behalf of the Respondents/Union of India, says he has instructions to convey to the Court, that the upper age limit provision of 25 years for the admission to the baccalaureate in veterinary and animal sciences

The animal husbandry degree course was removed from Regulation 6(a) of the Veterinary Council of India Minimum Standards of Veterinary Education – (Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry – Degree Course) Regulations 2016. The bench of Judge Rajiv Shakdher and of Judge Tara Vitasta Ganju said that Attorney Verma’s statement was recorded. In view of the statement of attorney Verma, which has been recorded, attorney Vivek Gurnani, appearing on behalf of the petitioner, declares that the written petition can be rejected, on the basis of the said statement. It is ordered accordingly.

The bench was hearing a plea challenging an upper age limit of 25, as a criterion for admission to the Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry. Previously, the Court issued a notice of plea to the respondents after hearing submissions from attorney Zoheb Hossain and attorney Vivek Gurnani representing the petitioner.

The plea alleged that the settlement violated the fundamental rights guaranteed by sections 14, 19(l)(g) and 21 of the Constitution. In addition to creating two artificial classes of students unreasonably connected to the objective of maintaining minimum standards of veterinary education and thereby violating Article 14. The plea also stated that said regulation has the effect of removing the right to exercise a choice profession or exercise a profession, trade or business guaranteed by Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution by preventing students above a certain age from following training in the veterinary profession. The restriction imposed on this right does not constitute a reasonable restriction within the meaning of Article 19(6) of the Constitution.

According to the Petitioner, Gajanand Mishra, an aspirant has passed the National Eligibility and Entrance Test, 2020 under Supreme Court orders passed in petitions challenging the upper age limit set by the Medical Council of the India to take the said NEET exam. The Supreme Court has allowed candidates over the age of 25 to take the Entrance Examination (NEET) and the Respondent has hereby notified that admissions to the BVSc & AH bachelor’s degree course will be on the basis of merit obtained in the said NEET exam.

Furthermore, the petition also indicated that by stipulating an upper age limit for admission to the said course, the respondent creates an odious classification by dividing a class of students into two artificial and irrational classes, depriving the students of over twenty years. five and thirty years respectively belonging to the general category and the SC/ST/OBC categories, the right to benefit from medical education as guaranteed by the Constitution of India. Setting the upper age limit does not further the purpose behind the wording of the 2016 regulations nor does it fit into the scheme of the regulations which were primarily designed to maintain standards of veterinary education , according to the plea. (ANI)

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