Twinsburg Fire Department asks community to limit 911 calls to serious emergencies


TWINSBURG, Ohio (WOIO) – The Twinsburg Fire Department is asking people to limit calls to 911 unless it is a serious emergency.

The department, like many others across the country, is facing staff shortages and an increase in emergency calls.

“Nursing and allied health programs continue to produce healthcare professionals, some at record rates, but coupled with retirements in both professions and an aging population, it has become the perfect storm to create what we all live; record call volume, more medical transports and increased wait times at reception facilities,” the Twinsburg Fire Department posted on Facebook.

Deputy Fire Chief Steve Bosso wants the community to know they will always come to help.

“If we have to run this swollen ankle, and then we have a heart attack or a stroke, and the next one is really big, we lose a team because we’re having a minor run. We just want the public and the community know now that we will come, we will come to your call. We will never say no,” Bosso said. “Just realize that we will bring with us medical expertise that might explain why we can’t take you today, why you better go to a doctor, you will be seen sooner or in an urgent care center.”

The fire department strives to recruit and retain EMS personnel to facilitate all of these calls.

“We have to be innovative. Everyone recruits the same kids,” Bosso said. “I’ve been here for 30 years and there were hundreds of people taking this test, and now it’s dozens.”

The Twinsburg Fire Department released this list to help people before they have to call 911.

  • Take prescriptions quickly and correctly.
  • Follow prescribed diets.
  • Perform all prescribed physical therapy.
  • See or visit a family doctor in person or through your medical provider’s telehealth system.
  • Use Urgent Care Centers or Quick Clinics
  • Ask your elderly neighbors

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