twin towers: demolition of the twin towers of Noida: the health department is preparing for a possible emergency

The Noida Health Department is preparing for any emergency that may arise following the destruction of India’s tallest structures, the Supertech Twin Towers.

According to PTI, officials have arranged for three private hospitals, in addition to government facilities, to receive patients in case of emergency.

More than 5,000 residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village – the two companies closest to the Twin Towers – will be evacuated at 7am on Sunday. About 2,700 vehicles belonging to them will also be removed from the premises and residents will also take about 150 to 200 of their pets.

An exclusion zone will be created within a radius of up to 500 meters around the twin towers where no humans or animals will be allowed except for a team of Indian and foreign blasters engaged in the demolition of the structures near 100 meters high.

“Six ambulances will be deployed to the site with a medical team and medicines. Shelters will be set up at JP Hospital, Felix Hospital and Yatharth Hospital, as well as Sector 30 District Hospital. , Noida,” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sunil Sharma said.

The hospitals have also reserved beds, in case they are needed after the demolition.

The CMO has stated that Dr. Jais Lal will be the nodal officer for ambulance arrangements.

Nodal officers for the three private hospitals and the district hospital have also been appointed and they will coordinate arrangements at their facilities, Dr Sharma said.

“Dr. Sunil Awana, President of Indian Medical Association Noida Chapter and I will be monitoring all activities from the control room,” the CMO added.

Earlier Wednesday, Felix Hospital announced the reservation of 50 beds on the day of the demolition in case of emergency.

“Huge dust from the demolition is likely to cause seven to 90-day health issues among nearby residents,” Felix Hospital Director Dr. DK Gupta was quoted by PTI as saying.

The hospital also issued an advisory, urging residents of nearby areas to wear masks, goggles, avoid going outside following the demolition, use skin moisturizers and seek medical attention in the event of an illness. eye irritation.

Taller than Delhi’s iconic Qutub Minar, the Apex and Ceyane towers in Noida’s 93A sector will be demolished following a Supreme Court order which found that structures had appeared in the premises of the Emerald Court company in Supertech in violation of standards.

More than 3,700 kg of explosives are used to implode the twin towers.

Previously, demolition company Edifice Engineering, experts from the Central Building Research Institute and Noida Authority officials had expressed confidence that the structures would be safely demolished and expressed satisfaction with the arrangements made to control the shards of debris.

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