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On the occasion of Expo 2020 Dubai, the first universal exhibition in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, and the largest event ever organized in the Arab world, Assouline, in collaboration with Expo 2020, presents seven unique volumes. Perfect additions to a coffee table, each beautiful book features original images, texts, exclusive interviews and information about the architecture, inspiration and historical significance on display during the 182-day exhibition which ends on the 21st. March 2022.

Published and edited exclusively by the premier luxury brand dedicated to culture and Expo 2020 Dubai, each of these seven editions will be loved by collectors around the world for decades to come.

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“The volumes present the history and thought behind Expo 2020 and how the connection of its themes, storytelling and experiences enriched its architecture,” said Dr Federica Busa, Senior Vice President, President of visitors, Visitor experience, Expo 2020 Dubai. “Reflecting the richness, diversity and ambitions of the United Arab Emirates, this incredible collection will inspire and entertain. Like the buildings themselves, the books will set new benchmarks for the future, forming an essential record of the Expo’s meaningful and enduring legacy.

While three of the books won’t be available until spring 2022, here’s a look at the first four editions of the coveted collection. Three of the books focus on thematic pavilions, Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, and the fourth is a comprehensive overview of the Expo. In addition to the three themes, it highlights the 192 country pavilions, impressive feats of architecture and craftsmanship and programming, which includes shows and parades, immersive experiences, insightful lectures, the food, art, music and sport.

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“Terra-The Sustainability Pavilion,” written by Ben East, is a look at the pavilion, a built environment whose sustainability is rooted in its DNA. The pavilion tells the story of our relationship with nature, our fixation on consumerism and how we can change it to reduce our environmental impact. Global sustainability authorities have collaborated with Expo 2020 and Grimshaw Architects to create this unique experience and breathtaking building. Visitors can move around immersive spaces while learning about the latest developments in behavioral psychology and storytelling techniques. Terra-The Sustainability Pavilion seeks to nurture our innate connection to the environment and inspire visitors – and readers – to live more sustainable lives.

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The second book, which contains a text by Ben Mack, is titled “Alif-The Mobility Pavilion”. He dives into the pavilion, which seeks to question our current ideas on mobility. This is done by showing that the complex movements of people, goods, data, capital and ideas are universal and timeless. By discovering new horizons and creating new connections, supported by new technologies, mobility is the foundation of human progress. In this book, award-winning architecture firm Foster + Partners shares their vision for this evolving structure. The Mobility Pavilion aims to challenge, surprise and inspire through an immersive experience linked to urban planning, future cities and the reimagining of social structures.

“Mission Possible-The Opportunity Pavilion” is the book that sees Gareth Rees focus on the pavilion that challenges individuals to be agents of change in order to build a better future for everyone. The exhibition route is inspired by Mariam, Abel and Mama Fatma, whose seemingly minor actions have created a big impact in their communities in the areas of food, water and energy. This globally significant pavilion is a place where people connect across age, language and culture and to celebrate our shared human experiences. The text delves into the complicated but rewarding collaborative process that brought together the AGi architects, the three mentors and the pavilion’s creators. After the sun sets, the iconic Opportunity Pavilion transforms into a light-filled adventure for people, with lighting literally woven into the architecture. Visitors and readers alike will be moved to create a thriving new world.

Dany Eid & Suneesh Sudhakaran

Edited by Meitha Al Mazrooei, “Site, Themes, Architecture” is the index of Expo 2020 Dubai. A detailed look at the Expo site, the title explores iconic architecture and spaces, from pavilions and programming to the public domain and beyond, with an emphasis on the three main themes: opportunity, mobility , durability. Each of the pavilions that make up Expo 2020 Dubai is presented with a special focus on leading architects such as Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, AECOM and Hopkins Architects. Essays written by a variety of contributors provide a detailed view of the ideas and meanings behind the Expo themes and architecture. Additionally, public spaces are explored highlighting the individual characteristics of the gardens and flora at calligraphy-inspired benches. The catalog is a tribute to the participants and a special memory for the visitors.



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