The Wilderness First Aid course prepares you for the unexpected


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – Medic Solo in Charlottesville is offering a wilderness first aid course for the weekend, with an emphasis on helping people living in rural areas.

According to Medic Solo, the course will help you prepare for any situation and teach you how to help others in emergency situations.

“Our course is a 20-hour course, and the industry standard is 16,” said wilderness first aid instructor Lafroy Stevens. “This is a really useful course for anyone who works or lives in contexts that aren’t considered Mother Nature’s playground.”

Stevens says they use real events to inspire context for their training sessions.

“[There are] many settings, both urban and rural, where you can be well over an hour away from the hospital and suffer from an illness or injury,” Stevens said. “If a crisis occurs and you have to call the ambulance, you help the people who come with the paramedics by having that knowledge.”

Julia Tani is an intern at this event. She said she came because of a crisis that changed her friend’s life. She wants to avoid others having to go through similar events.

“After a friend of mine lost the ability to walk until a caving incident we had. I kind of immediately told him that I have to register now for this course,” Tani said.

Tani said someone from the caving group took this wilderness first aid course and it made all the difference.

“Someone was certified there, their spine was protected and had no further damage,” Tani said.

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