The horticulture department organizes an annual exhibition in Shilikchey


Director urges farmers to adopt modern techniques for better yield

Fruit growers present 540 different varieties of fruit

Kargil, October 09, 2022: The Horticulture Department of Kargil today organized the annual exhibition 2022-2023 under the chairmanship of the Director of Horticulture, UT Ladakh, Muhammad Yousuf Dar, in the village of Shilikchey, where fruit growers displayed 540 different varieties of fruit in stalls.

On occasion, the director said that cultivation practices in horticulture should be in line with changing trends and demands, adding that fruit growers need to be updated with better processing, packaging and processing procedures. marketing to improve their economy.

Dar also said that the exhibition of different varieties will be a sample for other farmers so that they can also follow the same path to improve the quality of their fruits.

The director of horticulture insisted that farmers coordinate with the department in order to benefit from the different schemes of the department. He spoke about many varieties present at the exhibition such as apricot, apple, sea buckthorn etc.

While talking about sea buckthorn, Dar said its cultivation is still in the wild and they are trying to scientifically establish orchards for this particular variety. He said the department was trying to make the next apricot. The manager insisted on the farmers to grow quality fruits and assured them all kind of support from the department.

Director of Horticulture, Ali Raza, Assistant Professor KVK, Dr. Nasreen Fatima, BDC Sodh, Zakir Hussain, Vice Chairman of Youth Development Council, Shilikchey Muhammad Ali.

Dr. Nasreen emphasized organic vermicompost fertilizers for a healthy crop and to save the environment.

CHO also insisted that farmers make good use of government programs and benefit from them. He called on farmers to coordinate with the department to avail the benefits of social protection schemes.

Previously, farmers, village chiefs and residents of neighboring areas forwarded their demands to the Director of Horticulture. He listened patiently to issues and ensured any kind of support from the department.

Officials informed that the exhibition was attended by 200 fruit growers. Fruit growers presented 540 different varieties of fruit in the exhibition in stalls including sea buckthorn, mulberry, walnut kernels, almonds, different varieties of apricots, apples, pears, etc.

Various types of horticulture-related machinery and tool kits were displayed at the exhibition, such as irrigation pumps, tillers, solar insect traps, and more.

A committee of experts from KVK and associated departments judged the exhibition and ranked the awards among apple growers.

The director and other dignitaries also handed out prizes to progressive farmers and farmers who had displayed their locally grown fruits at the annual exhibition.


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