The Bible Department organizes an internship fair with 18 churches and ten organizations


The Bible, Missions and Ministry Department hosted an internship fair with 18 churches and ten organizations on November 2.

Dr Robert Oglesby, director of the Ministry of Youth and Family Affairs, said this tradition has continued since he joined ACU 22 years ago. According to him, this allows the 24 students who have been interviewed to find their internship in one day. These interviews lasted only 30 minutes and most of the students had six or seven interviews according to Oglesby.

“At the end of the day, we’re trying to make it easy for churches to get internships with our students,” Oglesby said. “Our students can basically find their jobs in one day here, chatting with a lot of people at once, so we capitalize on the present moment and do it all in one day. “

One of those students who interviewed churches was Oscar Rocha, a sophomore in Abilene’s music ministry. Churches and organizations weren’t allowed to volunteer on the day of the fair because Oglesby wants his students to pray about their decision, but Rocha said he had high hopes for his internship.

“In an internship, I would say my main goal is just to gain more knowledge, experience and wisdom,” Rocha said. “That way I’m able to take things from what I see and incorporate them into how I hope to minister in the future. ”

Several prominent churches like The Branch, The Hills and Hill Country Bible attended the fair as well as organizations like Lifeline Chaplaincy and Dry Bones. Lifeline Chaplaincy takes care of life and death issues in hospitals while Dry Bones takes care of Denver’s large homeless community.

“They used to be all Church of Christ churches, but now our student body is a little different with more Baptists and non-denominational people,” Oglesby said. “Some students want to do different types of ministry. It’s becoming a wide range of churches and organizations, which is great.

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