The Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers and Parents


If there’s one topic a parent might need to learn about, it’s potty training. Luckily, there are plenty of potty training books out there for parents and kids alike. And you better start investing in them as soon as possible. That’s because potty training, well, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and it’s never too early to lay the groundwork for a successful transition to early continence with colorful stories and encouraging on the use of the toilets.

On the toddler side, look for board books and simple stories that show kids how empowering potty use can be when they’re ready. There are plenty of fun takes on the subject, but the best ones included here have playful illustrations or a silly angle that kids will want to read long after they’ve mastered toilet flushing.

And when it comes to potty training books for adults, there are plenty of options on the market, but the best ones serve as a simple guide with step-by-step instructions on how to transition from diapering. These titles will also help parents understand how to encourage their children so they can emerge from the potty training glove in one piece, tear-free and ready for action. So take a deep breath, be patient, and try not to be too hard on your child or yourself.

What to consider before buying

When buying potty training books for children, consider your child’s age. If they’re eager to potty test, but on the younger side, you might want to opt for potty training books. Older toddlers, say in the 3 to 3½ year age range, might be reluctant to use the potty and might benefit from a book that has more history.

When it comes to potty training manuals for parents, there are a variety of philosophies and strategies. What will work best for your child will depend on a number of factors, you may want to consider buying more than one so that you have options before embarking on potty training with your child. child.

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The best potty training book for young children

Alona Frankel has written and illustrated 30 children’s books, so let’s just say she knows her audience. This comes in handy here when the subject is potty training. In Frankel’s one on one jar, kids can follow Prudence as she discovers her very own potty. This book is designed for children as young as 1 year old, so you can use it as an introduction to the whole potty training experience.


The best potty training book in rhyme

by Karen Katz A jar for me! The flip book features all the necessary potty training moments (accidents, parents sitting on the regular toilet next to a child sitting on a potty trainer, etc.) told in sweet, simple rhyme. Toddlers will instantly recognize the scenes in this potty training book, making it a great tool to use as they explore independent trips to the bathroom.


The Best Humorous Potty Training Book

When it comes to books for toddlers, sometimes pictures are more important than words. This is the case with Jar, Leslie Patricelli’s potty training book. In it, children can see the main character not only find the pot, but make their own choice to try it. They’re introduced to underwear and how it might come as a surprise to find out they have to poop instead of pee. He covers it all in fun illustrations.


The best potty training book for Daniel Tiger Fans

Do you have a Daniel Tiger fan in your home? Then you need to buy Daniel goes potty. Just like the accompanying TV episode, here our favorite feline learns all about going to the bathroom and to make it even more fun there’s a button to make a flushing sound built into the book ! Show your child they can look like their favorite cartoon character with this potty training book.


The best potty training book to break taboos

The potty training book for kids since 1977, there’s a reason Everybody is pooping had such a great race. That’s because it really is a body science book disguised as a children’s book. In it, author Taro Gomi explains how every creature on earth makes some kind of saddle, from rabbits to elephants. It turns out to be a very powerful concept that can really help encourage children to learn to fend for themselves.


The Best Potty Training Book for Cartoon Lovers

think about this It’s time to pee! both as a story of child toilet training and as a parenting guide. Designed by cartoonist Mo Willems, it helps children think about listening to their bodies – an essential skill in potty training – to understand that they know when to go. Plus, the illustrations are super fun and designed in classic Mo Willems style. The only complaint from some parents was that this book encourages men to stand and women to sit, which is not a hard and fast rule. Some may have more success sitting down at first.


The Best Potty Training Book for Fashionistas

Need to encourage your child to use the potty? There is the old M&M tactic or a sticker strategy option. But how about just telling your child about the fun of swapping diapers for all kinds of exciting underwear? It is part of the approach of Big girl panties. It’s a whole new window into fashion that some will find fascinating and could help your little trainer achieve full-time flush status.


The Best Potty Training Book for Elmo Fans

Let’s call Elmo what the muppet is: an influencer. If you want your child to do something, asking Elmo to do it first is always a compelling step. It is therefore natural that Potty time with Elmo potty training book could yield great results. Kids will love how Elmo teaches his doll, Baby David, to use the potty. Even better? The book features seven fun buttons that make rinsing and washing sounds, plus words of encouragement, that go along with the story.


The best potty training book for kids who love fairy tales

A brilliant fractured fairy tale, in this story Goldilocks is on the hunt for a “just right” pot. Will she find it? Using mixed-media artwork, follow Goldi on her quest – perhaps like your own little one’s – to locate her dream potty and get some awesome new underwear in the process in Goldilocks and Just the Good Pot.


The best potty training book for boys

Why not make potty training a party. This is the angle that Alyssa Satin Capucilli takes in The potty book for boys. When a big box arrives for Henry, he’s so excited. Could it be a new toy? A new rocking chair? No, it’s a jar! And that means he’s grown into such a big boy that he can ditch his diapers and go to the bathroom full time. Children will feel the excitement of their next big developmental milestone as they read this sweet and silly story.


The best potty training book for kids who love stickers

Specially designed for potty training girls, with Ready to go! Toilet Time: A Workout Kit for Girls by expert child psychologist and mother of two, Dr. Janet Hall, parents can follow a brief 16-page guide. For successful potty training, the book comes with two reward charts and stickers, so parents have all the tools they need to make potty training fun and fulfilling for their daughter . As one Amazon reviewer said, “Clear, concise, and perfectly sequenced – toddler loves it.”


The best potty training book for direct instructions

“Something you MUST own! I’m about to finish reading the book and I’m super confident to start potty training,” wrote a Walmart reviewer of Oh shit ! Learning to do on the potty. Not a bad sign. If there’s one thing parents hope for when they get into potty training, it’s to do it right the first time. Accidents can happen, but the last thing a parent wants is to see their child regress to diapers. ” Oh shit ! promises to achieve this using a six-step plan for children 20 to 30 months old. Just follow the steps and author Jamie Glowacki says you can potty train your little one in days.


The best potty training book for a long weekend

Want to put a hard number on how long it will take you to potty train? What would you say Potty training in 3 days? This potty training book combines psychology and step-by-step actions to help parents understand what’s going through their child’s head as they prepare them for the toilet. And with a 72% five-star rating on Amazon, this method seems to be paying off. As one reviewer wrote, “Finally something that worked for a stubborn 3 year old!”


The best potty training book for a tearless strategy

Tears, man. They will break your heart. Especially when your child is crying because he has to go to the bathroom. Avoid hysteria by opting for The No-Cry Potty Training Solution all about improving and boosting a child’s self-esteem while mastering toilet training. As a bonus, this book also includes an essential list of bathroom safety checklists and child protection strategies.


The best potty training book for stressed parents

Two words parents love to hear: stress-free. That’s what this potty training book, Stress-free potty training, promises. And deliver creatively. The book includes things like quizzes to help determine which potty training method will be best for their child. It also has sections to help determine a child’s readiness for toilet training. Plus, it’s packed with practical tips to clear up any potty training confusion.

Ready to invest in a potty training toilet and say goodbye to diapers for good. Pee for a treat (get it?) when you pick up one of these great potty training books for kids and adults.


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