The best movies, TV shows, books and music of May 2022


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Alex Garland (Ex-Machina, Annihilation) is behind this movie A24, a chilling and mysterious popular horror tale that also tackles ideas of masculinity and aggression. (5/20, rooms)

More new movies coming to the small and big screen: Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (5/6, rooms); Disassembly (5/6, Netflix); Ground Meat Operation (5/6 cinemas, 5/11 Netflix); Fire starter (5/13 rooms, Peacock); Pleasure (5/13, halls); The valet (5/20, Hulu); Bob’s Burgers movie information (5/27, halls); Top Gun: Maverick (5/27); Emergency (5/27, Prime Video)

It only took 27 years for this groundbreaking Canadian sketch show to have a sixth season. If Cabbage Head and Headcrusher return, all is well.

More returning TV series: The Challenge: All-Stars (5/11, Paramount+); hacks (5/12, HBO Max); Love, death and robots (5/20, Netflix); Chef (5/25, Fox); stranger things (05/27, Netflix)

Darren Aronofsky produces this climate change documentary that feels more like a political thriller, involving a scientific discovery, a cover-up and even an American vice-president. (5/11 theaters, 5/17 Paramount+)

More new documentaries and specials: Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known (5/3, HBO); wild babies (5/5, Netflix); The G Word with Adam Conover (05/19, Netflix); donkey 4.5 (5/20, Netflix)

I would normally avoid a biographical version of a band that has already been lambasted by one of its core members, but John Lydon’s complaints asidea Danny Boyle-directed miniseries about the Sex Pistols sounds like the perfect mix of author and subject. (5/31, Hulu)

More new series: The Pentaverate (5/5, Netflix); The staircase (5/5, HBO Max); Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (5/5, Paramount+); Candy (5/9, Hulu); The Essex Serpent (5/13, AppleTV+); Lincoln’s lawyer (5/13, Netflix); Conversations with friends (5/15, Hulu); The Time Traveler’s Wife (5/15, HBO); angelyne (5/19, Peacock); night sky (5/20, Prime Video); Now (5/20, AppleTV+); Obi Wan Kenobi (05/27, Disney+); shoresy – a Letterkenny spin-off (5/27, Hulu)

The last days of Roger Federer


What happens when the greats, whether athletic or artistic, begin to age? This is the path traveled by author Geoff Dyer in his examination of the last days and latest works of writers, painters, footballers, musicians and tennis stars. (5/3)

More new books: (5/3) Keanu Reeves: the most triumphant by Alex Papademas; The subtle art of not giving a fucking diary by Mark Manson; The power of conflict by Jon Taffer; Trust by Herman Diaz (5/17); Razzmatazz by Christopher Moore (5/31) Happy-Go-Lucky by David Sedaris

On A light to attract attentionThom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead use an orchestra and horn section to create epic soundscapes with elements of prog-rock, afrobeat and post-punk, with some comparisons to the pre-Ok Computer work. (5/13)

More new music: (5/6) Arcade fire; Belle and Sebastian; Black Crows; War paint; Sharon Van Etten (5/13) The Black Keys; Florence the machine; Kendrick Lamar; (5/20) Craig Finn; nozzle; Harry Styles; The Clash (reissue) (5/27) Def Leppard; Liam Gallagher; Wilco


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