The 7 books to read to rewire your brain


There is nothing better than a good book. Here are a few to add to your list. (Source: Getty)

It’s a new year, but most of the challenges of 2021 have remained and it has left workers exhausted and demotivated.

Year in 2022, due to the unpredictability of the past two years.

The reality is that it is difficult to learn a new habit: .

Reading a book is much easier.

Yahoo finance spoke to three career, leadership and workplace experts to get their advice on the best books to read to take control of your happiness and mental health in 2022.

Chatter: The voice in our head, why it matters and how to harness it: Ethan Kross

Executive Coach and Peak Performance Expert: Shadé Zahrai

“This bestselling book is a total game-changer and I constantly recommend others read it, especially if you are interested in psychology and human behavior!” said Zahrai.

“Author Ethan Kross, award-winning professor and one of the world’s leading experts in conscious mind control, has written a truly fascinating compilation of research, gripping stories, and real-life case studies that help you Understand what’s really going on in your life and why your negative self-talk can harm your health, hurt your mood, and cause you to buckle under pressure.

“The book is also full of concrete, actionable tools to help you master your mindset and get your inner voice working in your favor. I highly recommend this one – and if you read it, be sure you to take notes!”

How to do the job: Dr. Nicole LePera and Atomic Habits: James Clear

Management consultant and CEO at ASPL Group: Kris Grant

How To Do The Work provides readers with the tools to change behavior and take control of their lives.

“This is by far the most empowering book I’ve ever read – it’s a game-changer,” she said.

“[It’s] amazing, and the best thing you can learn is that the power to change is within you and Dr. Nicole LePera provides advice on how to get the job done.

Grant also suggested Atomic Habits as a must-read for people looking to improve their workflow and “change their mindset.”

The #1 New York Times bestseller presents a framework for improving habit formation, backed by neuroscience.

Grant shared a key point from the book: “When you’re talking about changing habits – which everyone talks about in the new year – just try to change a habit.”

“If you start changing a habit and focus on it, journaling about it, it’s much easier to measure yourself against that one than to try – and fail – to make a complete list. .”

Something Fun: Romance, Historical Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Futuristic work at Atlassia: Dom Price

“The most honest thing is that if people want to be happier, healthier, and wealthier, I strongly recommend that they NOT read business books,” Price said.

“I think we’re chock-full of tips, tricks, things to do, top 5 tips, and eternally cheesy motivational quotes that make me cry with emptiness.”

“What I would like people to do to rewire the brain is either just sit back and let the mind wander, or if you insist on reading, try some fiction. been heavily invested in detective stories (David Baldicci), drama, science fiction, romance, comedy (Ben Elton) and law (John Grisham).

“It gets my brain exercised in a fun way and it’s a real recharge from the crazy reality of pandemics, lockdowns, border closures and burnout. Believe me, invest to let your mind have fun. Solve a crime. Weep over a budding romance. Demand a new trial. Immerse. It’s worth it.”

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