Superintendent of Marshall Public Schools, Dr. Carol Maher, provided an update on air quality testing at the high school.

Dr. Maher’s statement said that over the past few weeks, concerns have been raised about possible air quality or environmental issues at Marshall High School. Although the air quality had been tested previously and all results were negative, out of an abundance of caution, Dr Maher says she contacted the district insurance company (MUSIC) to report the issues. MUSIC has asked an environmental specialist to immediately begin and expedite a second air quality test to cover all areas of the building, including content items.

Dr Maher says: “We are pleased to report that both studies were negative. The report is quite long (232 pages) and technical, but it is accessible to everyone, so it is attached.

Following the report and findings, Dr Maher says MUSIC staff and their engineer spoke with her on Wednesday to ensure that all of the district’s questions and concerns were answered.

Dr Maher says: “Although technically not necessary, we have requested (again – out of caution) that MUSIC retain a professional cleaning team for the area (Room 7) which had been identified in the report as having a small amount of residual soot. This request has been made to assure everyone that their concerns are both important to us and also to reassure us that the building is safe for occupancy and presents no health concerns for staff and students. Arrangements for this test are being made.

The points below are from Gallagher Bassett specialist Phillip Spallo regarding test results and additional work being done or planned to make the school environment safe again.

* Dr. Maher was concerned about reports of workers’ compensation claims raised by some Marshall staff and contacted MUSIC for advice and assistance. Phillip Spallo requested that an environmental engineering firm proceed immediately and expedite a second air quality test to cover all areas of the building, including content items.

*Results of the 2nd test were also negative and summarized that Marshall’s air quality met OSHA levels and was below levels permitted for a safe workplace. A tape sample came back sooted with the recommendation to re-clean the boxes in this room (Room 7).

* A negative air procedure was completed the weekend of April 9 and 10 to filter all air in the building and provide additional deodorization. A professional environmental company will respond to complete the cleaning and vacuuming of boxes that have tested positive for residual soot in Room 7.

Dr Maher said: ‘I hope this information will help confirm that the high school air is safe. For people who have suffered from the effects of cleaning chemicals and/or paint and have reported an issue, Workers Comp will contact you, possibly through Ashley Christy.

If you still have concerns or questions, you can contact Dr. Maher, Marie Bax with MUSIC at (314) 800-0217 or Phillip Spallo with MUSIC/Gallagher Bassett at (314) 800-0200.



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