Strong winds swept paratroopers off course in Honduras, not Uganda


Parasailers fly over a stadium and make an unforgettable landing in a video circulating on social media. Some fall unceremoniously into crowded bleachers. Another crashes into a portable toilet.

“Paratroopers landed in #various undesirable locations as they attempted to show off while marking the 60th Independence Day,” a recent Instagram post sharing the video read. “Ugandan #paratroopers miss the #target, land in mobile #toilets, on the roof, in the crowd instead of landing in the field during the celebration of the country’s 60th anniversary of independence.”

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Uganda celebrated Independence Day on October 9, marking 60 years since its independence from the British Empire in 1962. But this video does not show a botched display by paratroopers there.

Instead, the paratroopers were attempting to land at the José de la Paz Herrera Uclés stadium in Honduras for a celebration of the country’s 201st Independence Day on September 15. High winds were blamed for causing the paratroopers to veer off course.

We assess that the allegations that this happened in Honduras are false.


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