St. Elizabeth associate donates author’s books to Dearborn Birthing Center


A gift for newborns as they return home to jump-start lifelong literacy.

Bobbi Cornett (center), St. Elizabeth Physicians associate and book author, shares her children’s book, What will Taulbee get into today? with all newborns at the St. Elizabeth Dearborn Birthing Center. Nurse Manager Jacquie Ritzmann (left) and Kerri DeBorde, RN (right) help Bobbi distribute the books to families. Photo provided.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Newborns at St. Elizabeth Dearborn Birthing Center will now leave the hospital with a copy of a children’s book written by a St. Elizabeth associate. Author, Bobbi Cornett, clinical coordinator at Dillsboro Internal Medicine and Primary Care in Milan, Indiana, donates 50 copies of her book a month, What Will Taulbee Get Into Today? – a story about the relationship between an exuberant toddler and his parents. Each book is autographed and includes a handwritten note.

“There’s nothing quite like those first moments of bonding and holding your newborn baby. What better way to give back than to be a part of that love by sharing the beginning of many bedtime stories?” Cornet says. “I’m honored to be part of the St. Elizabeth team, and that’s just a small part of what they’ve done and are doing to help our community. That’s our goal.”

This book donation builds on St. Elizabeth’s long-standing commitment to fostering healthy habits and early childhood literacy, starting at birth. The goal of these programs is to support a gateway to healthy behaviors, including early childhood literacy. Research shows that reading to babies has a multitude of benefits for children, such as improved brain development, reading skills and vocabulary. Reading together also promotes the bond between parents and their children.

“We are so grateful to Mrs. Cornett and her gracious gift, her creativity in introducing us to Taulbee, and her generosity in knowing that babies and parents in Dearborn County are supported,” said Ellee Humphrey, director of services for women and the children. . “Reading fosters innate curiosity in children and helps them develop independence and character. It also fosters bonding and a relationship with their family during those early years. I hope that, like Taulbee, children who receive these books will be able to embrace a sense of adventure and feel a connection to their family,” Humphrey added. “That’s what makes the books so wonderful.”

The first books went home with the newborns on August 19, and newborns will continue to receive books as they leave the birth center.

“Being in the healthcare business, we’re here for families going through tough times,” says Cornett. “It’s a moment that we share something miraculous. Being part of those first moments of connection is the goal, and I hope parents can enjoy those moments.

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