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SHARPSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) – The Cooper Siegel Library branch in Sharpsburg said some of their books were in the wrong place and it was not an accident. Some books that talk about race, women, and LGBTQ+ issues have lately found themselves out of place.

According to the branch manager, the incidents began in February and continued until March. Now the Sharpsburg police are involved. The library said during Black History Month in February, “The 1619 Project,” which details the black experience in the United States, has been moved to a used book sale. A few days later, a children’s biography of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was replaced in an exhibit with a children’s biography of Adolf Hitler.

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In March, topics of women and the LGBTQ+ community were attacked. Someone put a written complaint on a children’s book about anatomy and puberty. The note would have said “do not read”. The library said the books in question were written for children of all ages.

The library provided this statement:

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“The Cooper-Siegel Community Library (of which Sharpsburg is a subsidiary) strongly upholds the community’s right to access information and the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, even when content is controversial, unreliable orthodox or unacceptable to others…. If a community member is concerned about an item in our collection, we encourage them to discuss it with our staff.

“The job of a library is to provide information to the public. It is not our job to determine what is the best information or what, in my opinion, is a good book. That’s not why we put books in the library,” Amy Anderson, CEO of the Allegheny County Library Association, said on Zoom.

Sharpsburg police confirm that a police report has been filed.

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According to the library, in the future they will have a censorship-themed town hall.


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