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“Kalamata cuisine”, by Sarah Thomas – Tomorrow is Kalamata’s first day at a new school, and she’s nervous! What if the kids aren’t friendly? Or worse, what if they don’t like alligators !? If only Kalamata and Al Dente could return to the Indian Spice Bazaar, which they visited this summer, then maybe she would remember how to feel brave when new experiences seem scary. Luckily for Kalamata, all the magic needed for her trip can be found in her own kitchen! As Kalamata and her alligator friend Al Dente transport themselves to a magical land filled with tasty ingredients, she realizes that being brave is exciting! And most importantly, she learns that when we’re nervous about trying new things, food can comfort us and remind us to stay curious, courageous, and compassionate.


“Walking in two worlds” by Wab Kinew – Bugz is caught between two worlds. In the real world, she’s a shy, self-aware native teenager dealing with the stress of teenage angst and life on the Ground. But in the virtual world, his alter ego is not only confident but dominant in a massively multiplayer video game universe. Feng is a teenager who was sent from China to live with his aunt, a doctor on the Rez, after his online activities suggest he may develop extremist sympathies. Meeting in real life, as well as in the virtual world, Bugz and Feng immediately relate as strangers and as avid gamers. And as their bond grows stronger through their virtual adventures, they discover that they also have a lot in common in the real world: both must decide what to do with temptations and traps, and both must deal with the impacts of the challenges. family. and community trauma.


“Family,” by Naomi Krupitsky – Sofia Colicchio is a free spirit, loud and wild. Antonia Russo is thoughtful, always observing the world around her. Best friends by birth, they live in the shadow of the tacit community of their fathers: the Family. Sunday dinners bring them together each week to feast, discuss business and renew the intoxicating bond born of blood and love. But the disappearance of Antonia’s father drives a wedge between the girls as they become women, wives, mothers and leaders. Their hearts grow in tandem with Red Hook and Brooklyn around them, as they push the boundaries of society’s expectations and fight to preserve their complex but vital friendship. One fateful night, their loyalty to each other and to the family will be tested. Only one of them can pull the trigger before it’s too late.



“Favorite poems for Christmas: a collection of children”, from Bushel & Peck Books – Light the Yule log, simmer the cider and listen to the enchanting beats of Favorite Poems for Christmas. Showcasing dozens of handpicked festive poems to celebrate the season, this beautiful hardcover book features beloved works by Clement Clarke Moore, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and many more.


“Limits,” by Thomas King – “Borders” is the masterfully told story of a boy and his mother whose road trip is thwarted at the border when they identify their citizenship as Blackfoot. Refusing to identify as American or Canadian prevents their entry into the United States first and then their return to Canada. In limbo between countries, they find power in their connection to their identity and to each other. “Borders” explores nationality from an indigenous perspective and resonates deeply with themes of identity, justice and belonging.


“Will,” by Will Smith & Mark Manson – One of the most dynamic and globally recognized entertainment forces of our time opens up fully to his life, in a courageous and inspiring book that traces his learning curve to a place where outer success, inner happiness and the human connection are aligned. Along the way, “Will” tells the full story of one of the most amazing rides across the worlds of music and film that anyone has ever had. This dissertation is the product of a deep journey of self-knowledge, a calculation with all that your will can give you and all that it can leave behind you. Written with the help of Mark Manson, “Will” is the story of how one person has mastered their own emotions, written in a way that can help everyone do the same. Few of us will experience the pressure of performing on the world’s biggest stages for the highest stakes, but we can all understand that the fuel that works for a leg of our journey may need to be changed if we are to. go until the end. residence. The combination of true wisdom of universal value and a ridiculously entertaining, if not astonishing, life story puts the book, like its author, in a category of its own.

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