School staff and parents rally against Hayward school closures



HAYWARD, Calif. (KRON) – The Hayward Unified School District Education Council is expected to vote on closures Wednesday night, but district staff, educators, parents and students are being pushed back.

This meeting is being held via Zoom but earlier a group met here ahead of the meeting calling for a pause on school closures.

Teachers, staff, parents and students from the Hayward Unified School District marched to the district office on Wednesday, urging the education council to reconsider school closings.

The district is proposing school closures and relocations due to declining enrollment and a budget deficit.

Deisy Bates, president of a teachers’ union, hopes the council will put a hiatus on its plans.

“Maybe closures can happen, but what we want is to preserve our small schools,” Bates said.

At the special school board meeting, the district superintendent said the number of school closings had been minimized.

“We’ve gone from six school closings in 2022 to 2023 to just two school closings next year and are limiting our preschool movements to SIAC and Hub programs, placing them in our school sites. We have reduced the number of schools from eight to four and the number of property closures from 10 to eight, ”said Dr. Matt Wayne.

Superintendent Dr Matt Wayne also said the board tried to minimize the impact on South Hayward by closing two elementary schools instead of three.

The year-round closure of three elementary schools has fallen to one. Students from five schools will attend 21 schools.

Returning to the rally, Bates adds that community schools are needed and says money from federal and state funding can improve the situation.

“It’s important because it’s comprehensive services, it’s a one-stop-shop where families can get the support they need, they can get health services, they can get social and emotional support. for them and for their children, ”Bates said. .

Carla Schick, a retired Hayward teacher, agrees.

“Students deserve schools in their communities with parental support to have strong educational equity in our schools,” said Schick.

At 10 p.m., the board of directors is still in deliberation.



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