Saifabad Police Deliver Case Against Driver


Hyderabad: Saifabad police have filed a complaint against a motorist for injuring a pedestrian. The injured family claimed that the car belonged to the son of TRS minister Talasani Srinivas Yadhav, Sai Kiran Yadhav. It is still not known if Sai Kiran was present in the car during the incident.

The incident happened in Khairatabad during the annual Sadar festival on November 5, 2021. Police said the car hit a man, causing ankle injuries. Police on the ground transported the man to a nearby hospital. Saifabad police did not name anyone in the case.

According to FIR, victim P. Santosh, 32, resident of Nehru Nagar, Khairathabad, said in her complaint that on Friday evening, “I came out of my house to see the Sadar Mela program at the Ambedkar statue circle. . As he was moving with Sadar Mela’s procession towards the side of Bada Ganesh at around 8:30 p.m., a Kia car recklessly came from behind and crashed into him. I fell on the road and his ankle in his left leg was said to have been fractured, ”he said.

Immediately, the police called his wife and transferred her to KIMS Hospital in Secunderabad for treatment. The doctor confirmed it was an ankle fracture in the left leg, ‘FIR said.

Police registered a case under Section 337 (harming anyone by acting so recklessly or negligently as to endanger human life), 279 (reckless conduct) of the Indian Penal Code against driver of the car.

The presence of Talasani Sai Kiran, who also contested the election of the deputy for Secunderabad on TRS ticket in the car has not yet been ascertained by the police.

According to people at the scene, the car was driven recklessly and negligently by the driver. The victim’s family member tried to stop the vehicle but the police intervened.

According to Telangana police, a fine of Rs 800 was imposed on the driver for having an incorrect license plate.


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