Rutland High in Macon Hosts ‘Obstacle Course’ Interview


Seniors have gained real-world experience that they can use once they graduate.

MACON, GA — This week, Rutland High School in Macon held an obstacle course for its seniors, but it’s not the kind you usually think of…

Rutland High seniors walked away from the school auditorium on Thursday, ready for 3E. It means, enrolled, enlisted and employed.

Each senior took part in mock interviews with business leaders around Macon and showed why they would be a perfect fit for each job.

During these interviews, students were scored on factors such as eye contact, confidence, and other soft skills — all things you need to get a job.

Ronak Patel, Donnie Person and Hannah Hollins all say they got a lot out of this event and even gained confidence.

“I think having these student experiences under their belt will show their future employers that they’re top of the class,” Patel said. “Elevator talk is something new to me, so having something like that is really crazy and fun.”

“I believe it prepared me because it showed me what I need to do when I enter the job market,” Person said.

“I think this event will really help me achieve my future goals as I move into the medical field, which can be really, really competitive. I think it will really give me a leg up on my peers,” Hollins said. “I think I learned a lot from this event. I saw the improvement in me from where I started to where I am now.”

Principal Wendy Pooler says she is thrilled to see her students take what they have learned in school and apply it in interviews.

“Our students are doing very well. They even dressed up for success today. I’m very proud. I listen to the conversations the students have, they ask questions. I actually met a student earlier and it was almost like she flipped the interview and interviewed the community member. It was a great experience in every way,” Pooler said.

And get this – that was just phase 1.

The top 25 students who obtained the highest score will have the opportunity to interview a company on site during phase 2.

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