Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy to Receive $ 2 Million Grant for Dual Degree Program


Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy will receive a $ 2 million grant from the Mario Family Foundation to fund scholarships for students who complete their final two years in the PharmD / MD dual degree program, according to an article of Rutgers today.

The money from this grant will be used to facilitate the Mario Family Foundation PharmD / MD Scholarship, which will be used to support a distinguished group of interdisciplinary practitioners in the fields of pharmacy and medicine.

The University’s PharmD / MD program was established in 2013 as the first PharmD / MD dual degree program in the country, according to the article. It emphasizes training students in the fields of health care policy, research and clinical practice.

So far 45 students have participated in the program and applications for the fall semester are due in the first week of January 2022.

Students selected for the program will enroll at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School upon completion of the PharmD program and will not have to take the MCAT exam typically required for medical school applications, according to the article. .

“It is truly a game-changer in that it will support future innovators in healthcare who use the strengths of both professions and become agents of change in pharmacy and medicine,” said Joseph Barone, Dean from the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy.


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