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Richard Dagenais had a brilliant career on local television and radio. I particularly enjoyed working with him during his years at Global TV. Dagenais, who resides on the North Shore near Laval, is now making his mark as an author of children’s books. In fact, he has written and published five rhymed, read-aloud picture books that can be found in bookstores such as Librairie Clio, Babar Books, Indigo Pointe-Claire, Indigo Laval, Indigo Place Montreal Trust, Coles Angrignon and Singing Pebbles books in Ottawa. He does several book signings and book readings each year, is active on social networks, hosts a podcast called RixPix and writes a blog.

“I kind of always wrote children’s books on and off,” says Dagenais. “A children’s book I wrote for an assignment in a children’s lighting class at McGill earned me the only A++ I’ve ever gotten in my college career! During a Global TV interview with the owner of the Exotarium, I was holding a pink skink and it inspired me to write stories with rhyming animal names. I wrote “Lowell the Mole” in 2000 and sent it to countless publishing houses, only to be rejected at every turn. I loved reading Dr. Seuss as a kid and I loved reading them to my son Tristan, who is now 27.

Here is an overview of Dagenais’ books:

Lowell the Mole: Lowell is a mole who lives in a hole on a hill. He often likes to walk on the mound, but dislikes the smell of coal from passing trains. He leaves his hole on the mound and finds another hole near a shoal, but soon misses his friends the colt and the troll, so he returns to his hole on the mound and, what do you know, it’s just as trains go electric, so coal is no longer a problem!

Kate the Skate: Kate is a skateboarder who hates being late. Kate has checked the date on the family calendar as she is expecting a large freight. She is worried about the freight being late and that she would hate.

Zack the Yak: Zack is a yak who loves yacker. He shouts so much with his friends Mack and Jack, that they always end up at the back of the pack of yaks. One day after taking a break to find a snack, they lose track of the pack. Fortunately, Zack listened to something his mother told him when he was younger.

Pam the Lamb: Pam the Lamb is confused because musician Cam the Clam doesn’t eat jam but likes to make jam. Cam, his cousin Bram and their friend Sam the ram end up having a jam and Pam the lamb participates.

Link the Skink: Link is a skink, a skink who is pink. His classmates and teammates call him the fink simply because he’s pink. Eventually, after a big game at the rink, they discover that Link is just like them.

Dagenais promises that there are more books to come, including one written for Christmas which will soon be unveiled.

Dagenais is also an actor and a musician. After graduating from McGill University, he worked as an editor for his hometown newspaper before being hired as a news anchor at AM600 (CFCF). He was hired as an anchor/reporter at CHOM-FM in 1985 and worked at CHOM/CKGM for 17 years as an announcer, host, interviewer and columnist, and was nominated twice for the ACTRA National Radio Awards in the category Best opinion/comment. Category.

He started working at Global as a sportscaster, but soon became a star reporter for the station’s daily morning show, This Morning Live. He worked as an evening and late-night news anchor at Global and co-hosted the station’s morning show. Additionally, he has worked as a news anchor at CJAD800 and is currently the host/moderator/interviewer of a current affairs program titled City life on MAtv. By day, he now works as a communications specialist for a multinational manufacturing company.

As if that weren’t enough, Dagenais also wrote for the award-winning show, How It’s Made. As a singer-songwriter, he performs in Montreal. His voice has also been heard in radio commercials, film narrations, and animated productions such as Arthur and Animal Crackers.

Dagenais hits the road to promote Link The Skink. It will be at Librairie Clio in Plaza Pointe Claire on September 10 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and at Chapter’s Pointe Claire on September 11 (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.).


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