Professors of Medicine and Nursing: Courses for Teaching


Joan Subirats, Minister of Universities.

the Ministry of Universities provides for new university professors, including those of medicine and nursing, to complete a Training teacher in his first year.

According to what the Minister of Universities told Congress, Joan Subiratthe objective is to integrate this measure in the future Organic law of the university systema rule that the government intends to give its final green light to in the first four months of 2023.

The Department of Universities has stressed the need for this “pedagogical training” and “compulsory” university teaching staff, the very people who are already required to give courses in primary and secondary education. This course “will take place in the first year of the post of assistant doctor, which is the figure of entry into the academic career at LOSU”.

At the same time, he specifies that the content and duration of this training will be established with the universities and, in particular, with their educational training and innovation unitswho will be responsible for delivering it.

This measure “aims to strengthen pedagogical training and teacher training“of the teaching staff of medicine and nursing, who currently depend on the voluntarism of these professionals. “It should be remembered that the university level is the only one where teacher training is not required for teachers to practice their profession,” the universities stressed.

Continuing education for university teachers

The field headed by Joan Subirats, who appears this Wednesday for the first time before the Universities Commission after take office two months agostressed that this measure aims to “encourage a change teach culture at universityso that the future teacher “has an initial pedagogical training that allows her to put into practice new teaching methodologies that lead to a better quality of learning for students”.

“Beyond this initial training, the new law will give a boost to the continuing education so that the teaching staff can be updated and retrained in the most appropriate teaching methodologies in each discipline,” he concludes.

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