PHOTOS | Covid-19: Western Cape Health Department launches Vaxi Taxi vaccination campaign


A Vaxi Taxi pop-up vaccination site.

  • The Western Cape Health Department has launched its Vaxi Taxi Covid-19 vaccination campaign.
  • According to the department, the initiative aims to fight against societal disparities and at the service of residents.
  • Since the launch of Vaxi Taxi, 1,042 vaccine injections have been administered.

In an effort to vaccinate more people in the Western Cape against Covid-19, the provincial health department has launched its Vaxi Taxi mobile vaccination campaign.

The department said the pop-up initiative was aimed at addressing societal disparities and serving residents.

According to the department, each Vaxi Taxi mobile site consists of two ambulances – one is used as a primary vaccination section and the other as a secondary vaccination and resuscitation section.

Each site also contains a gazebo and tarp, used as an observation area, and an administrative section for registrations and essential documents.

Inside the ambulance on the Vaxi Taxi pop-up site

The Western Cape health department said that since its launch on September 4, 1,042 injections of the Covid-19 vaccine have been administered at Vaxi Taxi sites.

vaccination campaign

The Vaxi Taxi pop-up initiative aims to tackle societal disparities and serve community members.

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“Since its launch on September 4, 1,042 [vaccine jabs] have already been administered as a result of the community initiative, ”the ministry said.

The department’s director of emergency medical services (EMS), Dr Shaheem de Vries, said they were “honored” to be working alongside the rest of their colleagues in the health sector to lead the vaccination campaign in the street.

“We see this as an important opportunity to build stronger relationships with our communities and in doing so help us protect each other,” he added.

De Vries said he was excited about the opportunity to team up with the Education Department and business partners.

“We look forward to providing more immunization opportunities in communities across the province,” said De Vries.

EMS spokeswoman Deanna February said every member of the team has undergone extensive training.

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“The EMS Vaxi Taxi program began when volunteers and officials administered vaccinations at community soup kitchens, markets and during home visits to various communities,” February added.

Since early October, the team has partnered with the Ministry of Education by vaccinating matriculants in schools across the province.

“Many students have yet to be vaccinated, and closing the gap has become a priority for the team as matrix exams are just around the corner,” February added.

A Vaxi Taxi pop-up vaccination site

A Vaxi Taxi pop-up vaccination site in the Western Cape.

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EMS Director Dr Shaheem De Vries

EMS director Dr Shaheem De Vries said they were “honored” to work alongside healthcare colleagues to lead the vaccination campaign on the streets.

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The companies have also partnered with EMS to ensure that employees have the opportunity to get vaccinated.

“In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, a team sent to their workplace is ideal because not everyone can get to a vaccination site during working hours or when there are important errands to be had. do it on weekends, ”the department said.

EMS said all mandatory precautions and processes were followed at vaccination sites.

The department said:

Cold chain vaccines are prepared and kept in coolers and proper storage is provided. Temperature control and monitoring, meticulous vaccine preparation and record keeping [were also provided].

Project manager Wayne Philander said they were working with community partners to identify vaccination sites with the aim of reaching all corners of the Western Cape.

“The goal is to serve communities and make sure it reaches as many people as possible, whether in their workplaces and educational institutions, or by meeting people where they are. “, added Philander.

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