Pennsylvania School District bans LGBTQ + books from its libraries


Witold Walczak, who is the legal director of ACLU Pennsylvania, said the policy “raises very serious concerns” about a student’s privacy and security.

“From a political standpoint, you put these students in a situation where there is no adult they can talk to,” Walczak told WHYY.

“Very often in these kinds of situations, parents are not an option. Sometimes the parents are the problem.

“If you impose this disclosure requirement, you shut the door on students who can speak to professionals at the school. Some of these children could be seriously injured.

Erin Eagles, an LGBTQ + youth therapist, who is gay and has a two-year-old child, echoed similar sentiments and said she was afraid to send her child to district school.

“I’m terrified that she’ll feel ashamed or that she can’t just talk about the most normal things, like her immediate family,” she explained.

“We’re trying to have another child and I’m afraid I’m doing the wrong thing. But if we leave this community it’s one less [family] here to normalize LGBTQ and other people belonging to minorities.

Regarding future lawsuits, Walczak said a potential case could be taken to court in the New Year.

“I guess we’re going to litigate at least one of these cases in 2022 somewhere,” he said.


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