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The Rwandan National Police (RNP) has acquired a new staff of 2,137 officers, who are among the 2,319 who completed the 17th promotion of the “Basic Police Course” at the Police Training School (PTS) in Gishari in Rwamagana district on Saturday, November 20.

The other 182 officers were from the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS). The 17th year-long Basic Police Course includes 450 women.

The faint was chaired by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Emmanuel Ugirashebuja, who promoted the new officers to the rank of police officer.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dan Munyuza, Governor of the Orientale Province, Emmanuel K. Gasana, Executive Secretary of the NISS, Major General Joseph Nzabamwita, and the Commissioner General of the Correctional Service of Rwanda (RCS ), Juvenal. Marizamunda among others.

The new police officers include 135, who are currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in law, information technology, languages ​​and professional police studies at the National Police Academy (NPC) in Musanze district.

Minister Ugirashebuja congratulated the officers for their courage and resilience throughout the training.

He urged them to use the skills and knowledge acquired, working with other officers to add value to the RNP mandate, to be guided by exemplary service while supporting the people and to prevent anything that may taint the image of force.

Such training programs, added the minister, demonstrate the willingness of the government and the RNP to build a professional police force capable of effectively performing its policing functions aimed at ensuring the safety and security of those living there. in Rwanda and their properties.

“This underlines the fact that professionalism is the result of training,” Minister Ugirashebuja said.

He added that although the RNP has stepped up its operations against corruption and related vices, gender-based violence, terrorism and road accident prevention, among others; this can be done effectively when there is strong cooperation and collaboration with citizens.

The Minister praised the impact of RNP on human security and community development activities.

Over the years, the force has built homes for underprivileged families, connected thousands of households far from the national electricity grid to solar power, provided clean water to communities, paid medical insurance premiums for them. vulnerable people, builds roads connecting communities as well as providing financial support to cooperatives, to name a few.

Minister Ugirashebuja urged the force to aim for exemplary service, obey the law and complement the national development agenda to influence positive thinking and actions in the communities where they are deployed.

He praised the impact of the RNP in ensuring internal security, supporting international peace through peacekeeping missions abroad.

He pledged the government’s continued support for capacity development to further enhance the force’s capabilities to provide lasting security.

PTS Commander Police Commissioner (PC) Robert Niyonshuti said the 12 months of basic training covered a variety of topics aimed at developing capacities and skills such as law enforcement, police operations , military sciences, road safety, exercises and homework. , the law and the local police.

PC Odette Umutesi was awarded as the best student in the general classification, PC Fiston Intare came second while PC Emmanuel King Kagabo finished third in the general classification.

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