Of course Emily Oster wants amnesty


She won’t get it while her hysterical COVID comrades are still persecuting large swaths of the country.


Emily Oster has a lot of nerve.

The Brown University professor has just published an article, titled “Declaring Pandemic Amnesty”, in which she says “we must forgive each other for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID” .

The problem with his suggestion is that, despite the fact that we are no longer “in the dark about COVID,” pandemic fascism continues in many states.

  • Despite declining case rates, ten states still have a COVID-19 public health emergency in place. That includes California, whose politically ambitious governor Gavin Newsom announced he would retain his emergency powers until February 2023.

The national COVID-19 state of emergency also remains in operation, even though the supposed official, Joe Biden, has told us the pandemic is over. That means any of those states, or the entire country, could return to shutdowns tomorrow.

  • Even though children are at virtually no risk from COVID, a CDC advisory committee just recommended that the vaccine be a mandatory childhood vaccination. As the CDC knows (but pretends not to), this will lead many states, school districts, and sports leagues to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine. Those who hesitate to conform will find themselves on the outside looking within.
  • Ignoring the evidence that masks don’t work, many schools and hospitals, even private ones, still need them. The entire VA system — the largest health care system in the United States — still insists on masking all patients and employees.

And if you thought the politicians themselves had given up on their fear campaign over masks, just listen to Charlie Crist, the Democratic candidate for governor of Florida. During campaign stops, Crist brags that, even though it’s no longer needed, he still masks himself on planes. And everyone in Florida will have to do it too, he promises, if “science” dictates after his election.

  • Although widely denounced, especially by those with natural or acquired immunity, vaccine mandates still abound. Most of our elite universities stubbornly insist that their students take one recall after another, threatening the non-compliant with expulsion. School districts also continue to send unvaccinated teachers packing.

While the federal vaccination mandate is suspended thanks to the 5e Circuit, everyone guesses where the Supreme Court of the United States will rule. In New York, the mayor has yet to act on the state Supreme Court’s recent order to reinstate unvaccinated officers.

  • Other forms of discrimination against the unvaccinated are also practiced. For example, in many hospital systems, unvaccinated people cannot receive organ donation and are removed from the waiting list.
  • Doctors who prescribe alternative treatments for COVID, or who question the safety of masks or the effectiveness of vaccines still have their medical licenses suspended or revoked, despite overwhelming evidence that these do not stop the infection or the transmission. Dr. Peter McCullough, one of America’s top cardiologists, has just been decertified in his specialty for daring to speak out about the post-jab problem of myocarditis, even though the CDC itself has acknowledged it happens. .

So you see, Emily, we can’t just move on – as much as you and your awakened friends would like us to – because it really isn’t over. It won’t be over until masks and mandates are a painful memory, and until the public health emergencies of COVID-19 — so dear to power-hungry politicians — come to an end for good.

I may one day be able to forgive the thug who robbed me, but not while he still has a gun to my head.

By the way, Emily, you picked an interesting time to ask for amnesty. Could it be that you and others who have turned parts of America into a living hell over the past three years have noticed that we have an election coming up?

Certainly some of the pandemics running for re-election would like us to forgive and forget what they did to us. Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer is clearly counting on voters not remembering her crazy COVID-19 politics. Otherwise, why would she claim in her debate with her Republican opponent, Tudor Dixon, that she only closed schools for three months, when the closures actually lasted two long years?

I hope Michigan voters vote with the same intensity with which Whitmer imposed the lockdowns. In fact, I hope politicians across the United States who have implemented COVID-19 policies that have harmed children or the elderly or targeted the unvaccinated for discrimination will face voter wrath.

None of them should ever hold elected office again.

First, we are eliminating every governor, senator and congressman, every city councilor, county commissioner and school board member who has imposed or supported the madness of COVID-19.

Then, and only then, can we begin the healing and the hearings.

The opinions expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Epoch Times.


Steven W. Mosher is the president of the Population Research Institute and the author of “Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order”. A former National Science Foundation Scholar, he studied human biology at Stanford University under renowned geneticist Luigi Cavalli-Sforza. He holds advanced degrees in biological oceanography, East Asian studies and cultural anthropology. One of America’s leading China observers, he was selected in 1979 by the National Science Foundation to be the first American social scientist to conduct field research in China.


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