Nigerian Navy Deepens Collaboration with Pakistan Navy… Receives 51st Pakistan Navy Course in Lagos


The Nigerian Navy recently deepened its collaboration in the quest for a safer maritime domain when it hosted members of the 51st Pakistan Navy Course in Lagos.

The delegation led by Commodore Imran Ul-Haq, was received by the Western Naval Command (WNC) Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Hamza Kaoje, who represented the Flag Commander, Counter- Admiral Yakubu Wambai.

Underscoring the purpose of the visit, Commodore Ul-Haq said it was to expose course participants to military culture and operational activities in Nigeria.

He noted that the already existing relationship, which allowed course participants to travel to Nigeria, would be further deepened for the benefit of both countries.

In his response, Rear Admiral Kaoje reiterated that the two countries have a healthy relationship as a number of senior officers, including himself, had reason to be educated in Pakistan or undergo special training.

He therefore encouraged the team members to feel at home and to ask questions on matters of interest to them in the activities of the Nigerian Navy.

He said: “Nigeria and Pakistan have a long and good relationship. Most of our senior officers, serving and retired, were trained in Pakistan, including the army, navy and army of Most of them were trained at the Air War College in Karachi and Pakistan War College in Lahore.

“It will interest you to know that we had cadets at Kakul, at the Military Academy, we also had cadets at the Naval Academy in Karachi. I did my masters program at the National Defense University and I was Defense Attaché in Pakistan between 2011 and 2014.

“Also recently some of your ships visited us and had training sessions with us. As recently as 2021 one of your navy medical services was here and they did some services to our people here. We appreciate that.

“Pakistani Navy has provided us with equipment especially in the air force. Some of your air force people were here in our tactical command to train some of our pilots. So Nigeria and Pakistan have had a long relationship before now.”

During their visit, the course participants were exposed to some of the activities of the Nigerian Navy including its role in maritime domain awareness, countering piracy, illegal oil bunkering, drug trafficking.


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