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While more than 8,000 Chicago police officers have complied with the city’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate, thousands still have not done so, city officials revealed on Monday, two days later. the entry into force of the vaccination requirement for city workers.

A showdown over the requirement has enveloped the city for days, with the Chicago Fraternal Order Police Chief calling on its members to challenge the city’s COVID vaccination policies. A restraining order was issued against FOP President John Catanzara on Friday, preventing him from making public comments urging members not to comply.

On Monday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot spoke at a press conference where she revealed that a total of 79% of city employees have confirmed their immunization status, and of these, 84% have been completely vaccinated.

City officials also released compliance data, revealing that the Chicago Police Department had the lowest response rate among the city’s more than 30 departments.

About 64.42%, or 8,226 of the 12,770 members of the department, complied with the mandate, submitting their immunization status through an online portal before Friday’s deadline.

More than 35% of employees, or around 4,500 people, have not communicated their vaccination status.

It is not known how many officers did not comply as the numbers provided include both sworn Chicago police officers and civilian employees.

Of the more than 8,200 DPC employees who responded, 1,333 said they had not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Under city rules, employees who were not vaccinated before October 15 must get tested twice a week for their time and expense until the end of the year, when they must be tested. vaccinated. Any employee who does not comply with these requirements is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

City officials said it was not necessary to enter detailed medical information – only vaccination status and proof of vaccination.

“There is information online indicating that people are being asked to upload private medical records, extensive medical history, a DNA sample – none of this is true,” the department commissioner said previously. Chicago Public Health Dr. Allison Arwady.

The city has a similar COVID-19 vaccine requirement for city school workers, which the Chicago Teachers Union has supported.



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