Ministry of Endowments Releases Two New Books


Doha: The Department of Research and Islamic Studies of the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs has published two books, the first is titled, The Legacy of Parents in Islamic Jurisprudence and Qatari Law, a Comparative Study of Dr. Mohammed bin Omran Al Kuwari, while the second publication is titled “The Number of Prosecutions in Countries’ Systems by Sheikh Mohammed bin Mahmoud Al Mahmoud.

The ministry said that the two issues are part of the series of research and scientific messages and represent a valuable addition to the Islamic Library, specifying that the series which adopts the publication of vital messages and scientific research for the scholars in general, and the Qataris in particular in the field of Sharia sciences and Islamic studies serve the scientific, intellectual and cultural issues that concern the nation and the community, and demonstrate seriousness, authenticity and give the priority to scientific production for Qatari researchers in particular, to support, encourage and stimulate them. in addition to publishing their knowledge products, in addition to providing the Qatari and Islamic library with valuable new scientific studies and research that effectively contribute to diagnosing needs and solving problems in an efficient and balanced manner.

The book Parental Inheritance in Islamic Jurisprudence and Qatari Law discusses the meaning of parents and identifies this terminology in Islamic jurisprudence, including the rights related to parental inheritance in jurisprudence and law, as well as the modes of inheritance, types of relatives in Islamic jurisprudence and Qatari law. The message exposed the extent of Islamic Sharia’s care for rights and the high priorities it offered.

The second book is an investigation of an Andalusian historical Dora, which is a system in the history of the caliphates that had ruled Islamic countries until the era of Lisan Al Din Ibn Al Khatib.


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