Louisiana Department of Health confirms rise in COVID cases


SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – There are 2,237 new cases of COVID-19, including six deaths, listed today on the Louisiana Department of Health website.

The Rev. Dr. Robert C. Hudson, pastor of Paradise Baptist Church in Shreveport, asks people to consider going for a shot before returning to church.

“As people were coming back, I asked for them to be vaccinated. You don’t tell people they have to get it,” Reverend Dr Hudson said. “Once in a while, from the top of the pulpit, I remind them that if they haven’t been, they should consider getting vaccinated and doing a booster.”

In Reverend Dr. Hudson’s church, seating is not limited, but there are seats six feet apart for those taking extra precautions. And all communions, tithes and offerings are made before the parishioners take their seats.

“At the end, everyone already has their cup in place, so we don’t have a moment when we stop the flow of worship and people start walking,” Reverend Dr. Hudson said.

The church also recommends that everyone still use masks. “I think continuing to mask is really important because really COVID is still here. We may not be talking about it alone, but COVID is still here,” said Tara Daniel, a member of the Paradise Baptist choir.

Daniel said she had COVID-19 despite taking precautions, but still chose to follow protocol, as did her children. she chose to get vaccinated.

“I think it’s very important to make people aware of the importance of getting vaccinated, and I hope one day we can all come back together and not just you know part of us stay home watching it. on TV,” Daniel continued.

Many parishes are currently considered high risk, as of July 1 Caddo has had nearly 4,600 reinfections since the start of the pandemic.

Church member Karlos Ferbos was one of the lucky ones who didn’t catch the virus, “Even though I haven’t personally received COVID yet, I’m still taking all necessary precautions to stay safe because the age range here as you can see dwells from young to old.

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