Louisiana Department of Education awards $40 million grant


SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Louisiana schools will soon get a helping hand after the LDE announced Thursday that it is awarding $40 million in grants from the Reimagine School Systems program.

So far, 36 applications from 31 Louisiana school systems have been approved, including Bossier, Claiborne and DeSoto schools. In addition to funds, schools will receive technical assistance and support.

“When we launched the Reimagine School Systems program in 2021, we did so to encourage school systems to create new, high-quality educational opportunities, to be innovative, to challenge themselves and their students,” said Dr. Cade Brumley, state superintendent of education. . “We are extremely pleased with the quality of applications we have received from school systems across the state, and I look forward to seeing how these programs expand opportunities for students.”

The application process required school systems to think boldly about how to best improve all schools in their district by taking Reimagine School Action designed to create better student outcomes.

These actions include, but are not limited to

Replication – identify a successful school and replicate it on other sites.

Expansion – identify a high-performing school and expand access to that school, often by increasing the number of grade levels served by the school.

Rural collaboration – two or more rural parishes apply with a plan for sharing important educational resources.

School model innovation – identify a need of the school system and a model that meets this need; by creating a new school to meet this need.

Restart/Back – work with an existing educational organization with a developed model and experiment with the transformation of schools in academic difficulty.

Innovation pole – three or more schools in a school system with common interests develop a formal collaborative relationship.

Student reassignment/school reconfiguration – school systems would reallocate students from lower performing schools to higher performing ones.

Enveloping model – school systems are completely redesigning schools to provide and coordinate comprehensive services for students and families, such as physical or mental health services or a pantry.

Annual calendar – one or more schools in a system move to an annual calendar to extend student learning.

Local innovation – school systems can plan and implement a bold locally developed plan to transform the way students in one or more schools are served.

The program is designed to improve student access to high quality schools. Approved schools receive a share of the $10,800,000 available for planning and $28,170,000 for implementing new educational opportunities. Experts paired with each school will provide support and answer questions. Each school will develop its skills and capacity to lead innovative school systems.

School systems will receive two phases of funding – up to $350,000 in Phase I, up to $1.5 million or more per grant in Phase II. It is not clear if districts that receive funding will receive the same amount or if the amount of the grant is determined by the size or needs of the district.

Accredited schools include:

Bossier Calcasieu
Central Community School District
East of Baton Rouge
East Baton Rouge Charter / KIPP
East Baton Rouge/Recovery School District/Redesign Schools Louisiana
East Feliciana Evangeline
La Fayette
Orléans/Community Academies
Orléans/Morris Jeff Community Schools
Orleans/Einstein Charter Schools
Orléans – NOLA Public Schools
Orléans/College Academies
Orleans/FirstLine Schools
Orleans/KIPP New Orleans
Orléans/Algiers Charter School Association
Orleans/Hynes Charter
Orleans/Educators for Quality Alternatives Orleans/Charter Type 2 – New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy
Orléans/Type 2 Charter – International High School of New Orleans Rapides St. Bernard
West of Baton Rouge
West Feliciana

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