IRS Web Tool 2022: A Nosy Neighbor’s Dream


Every five years, the Guilford County Tax Department conducts a comprehensive reassessment of every home, building, and property in the county.

The tax authorities assign a new value for the purpose of determining property tax bills for the next five years. The ministry, of course, must inform owners of the new values ​​and even explain the reasoning behind them.

An interesting consequence of the process is that it allows anyone who wants to see the values ​​and other details of any property. Anyone can use the web database with the newly assigned values ​​to check the updated value of any property in Guilford County – as well as view information such as new additions, renovations, square footage, number of bathrooms, etc.

Additionally, as searches can be performed ‘by owner’ as well as ‘by address’, the same website allows the curious to see a list of all properties owned by others.

The Guilford County Tax Department recently completed its 2022 assessments and in late February sent those values ​​to homeowners and posted all new information online.

The county has also released the web link to view any property values ​​or details.

While homeowners might have previously checked on the Department of Taxation’s website, the “reval” offers current updated values ​​and the latest information on homes and other assets – and mass mailing of information from the All Owners web tool draws attention to the fact that anyone can verify ownership of anyone else.

Those who want to find the current value or see how much property their doctor, girlfriend or county commissioner owns, as well as the latest values, can do so at

Of course, county tax staff don’t do a full real estate appraisal of every home or building in the county every five years, but tax staff aim to reach the true market value of a home or business by taking into account square footage, date built, number of bathrooms, upgrades, comparable sales in the area and much more.

According to reports from Guilford County Director of Taxation Ben Chavis given to the Board of Commissioners over the years, the tax department is doing a very good job of achieving true market value. However, in the years following a reassessment, the actual market values ​​of houses, buildings, and properties tend to deviate from the assigned tax values ​​until a new reassessment is carried out.


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