Incredible feat of the health department, continued to pay the salary of a jailed doctor, an investigation begins


On the one hand, there was a ruckus in the health department regarding the transfer and on the other hand, a wonderful act came to light. A doctor working in Bhadohi received a salary in prison. Now the investigation has started after the disclosure. AD Health has requested a report from CMO Bhadohi.

Dr. Dhanesh Kumar Patel, the doctor in charge stationed at Mamhar, the primary health center of Bhadohi CHC region, was accused of cheating by marrying a girl from Mirzapur in July 2021 and remarrying. It is said that in this case the salary of the doctor has been stopped from July 2021.

Meanwhile, on November 19, 21, the accused doctor returned home on leave. The police, investigating the woman’s complaint, arrested the accused at her home. The doctor was accommodated at Naini Jail from 20th to 25th November 2021. After his release from prison, the doctor not only took up duty but was also transferred to Jaunpur.

Not only that, the salary from July 2021 to December has also been released. In the meantime, the woman, who had been accused of having cheated during her marriage, filed a complaint on the CM portal. According to the complaint, the doctor also received a salary for the period he was in prison. Once the case was brought to the attention, the investigation was opened.

On June 25, 2022, the CMO formed a team of additional chief medical officers, Dr. BN Singh and OP Shukla, and investigated the matter. But no action was taken. The victim recently filed a complaint on the CM portal. After that, on July 14, AD Health requested a report from CMO Bhadohi.

Salary was only released by order of AD Health: CMO

Marketing director Dr Santosh Kumar Chak said the doctor’s salary was stopped after the measures were taken, but on December 31, 2021, the additional director of medicine, health and family welfare of Vindhyachal Mandal ordered payment. In this sequence, the salary was published from July 2021 to December. He said the further investigation order came from AD Health.

The CHC director has been informed

The accused doctor, in the explanation given to the CMO, said that on November 26, 2021, after his release from prison, he informed Dr. VK Singh, who was the superintendent of Bhadohi CHC. Following his instructions, I resumed service.

According to Marketing Director, Dr. Santosh Kumar Chak, AD Health and Governance will be notified of the whole episode in a day or two. Upon receipt of the latter’s order, measures will be taken to suspend the offending physician and to withdraw the salary.


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