Greenwich School of Engineering and Medicine called Ofsted ‘inadequate’


A private school in Woolwich has been criticized by Ofsted for leaving pupils “unprepared for life in modern Britain”.

Greenwich Engineering and Medical School received the worst possible rating, “inadequate”, in all categories.

The school caters to students in grades 10-13 who benefit from an “intensive” secondary and post-secondary education.

He says it provides a pathway for those who want to work in engineering and medicine.

The independent school describes itself as ‘specialists’ in these subjects and teaches classes of five to 10 pupils with annual fees for day students of between £10,000 and £12,500.

But Ofsted criticized various elements of the school in a report published last week.

An inspection late last year found the students were ill-equipped for the outside world.

The inspector wrote: “Students behave reasonably in class and focus on their learning. Classrooms are quiet and orderly.

“However, the absence of a well-planned personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) curriculum means that students learn nothing about important issues, including harassment and bullying. students are not taught to protect themselves from harm, including in the wider community Students are not prepared for life in modern Britain.

The report comes to damning conclusions about staff training in protection.

The report states: “Management, including the owner, failed to ensure that safeguard provisions were effective. The staff is not trained in the latest legal safeguard guidelines.

“Leaders do not keep track of concerns about the safety and well-being of students. They do not take effective action when concerns are raised. This puts student safety at risk. »

The school receives praise in its first-ever Ofsted report. The inspector notes good behavior that does not interfere with teaching, and appreciates the small size of the classes which allows “personalized support” for the students.

But those compliments are overshadowed by concerns noted elsewhere.

Inspector says there was ‘no up-to-date admissions record’, criticizes school for failing to establish a ‘culture of safety and vigilance’ and says staff don’t know what to do when students express concerns.

There are also concerns that the school is not ensuring students have access to showers after PE lessons.

A number of recommendations are made for the independent school, including expanding the curriculum, better protection and ensuring students have access to showers.

Greenwich School of Engineering and Medicine owner Philip Onwuachi said changes were being made as a result.

He said: “Following our Ofsted inspection and report, we have taken the decision to appoint a principal to lead the school through this difficult phase. As the owner, I am disappointed that the Ofsted inspection did not produce the desired result. Our new director is an experienced practitioner with 18 years of school experience inside and outside the UK.

“We are committed to our goal of serving young ethnic minority children in the Greenwich community and providing a good quality and successful education. It is certainly a difficult task ahead of us, but with the restructured management, Ofsted’s recommendations will be implemented in detail.

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