Goa Tourism Department launches clean-up campaign


Goa is the original paradise on earth. Domestic tourists adore Goa. Their excitement at seeing a naturally beautiful Goa makes them do things that leave the Niz Goemkars (natives of Goa) scratching their heads in both disgust and frustration.

More than once in the past, whenever a vehicle with a tourist behind the wheel gets stuck on beaches looking for that ultimate selfie for Instagram or to impress ‘friends’, outrage ensues. in Goa. Then we hear statements such as “It is necessary to attract a well-mannered and cultured tourist to Goa”.

Once the dust settles and the hubbub subsides, everything returns to normal. This normalcy lasts until tourists drive on the roads of Goa with their legs steering the driving wheels and their hands holding the bottle. Yes, Goa forces different people to do different things.

The BJP led government of Goa under the leadership of CM Dr Pramod Sawant has decided to put the house in order. “When in Goa, do as the Goans say.” This message is ready to come out loud and clear.

The Goa Ministry of Tourism issued an order on October 31, 2022 ahead of the imminent start of the tourist season.

If this strongly worded order is anything to go by, tourists will come under intense scrutiny. They can no longer take peace-loving Goemkars and surreally calm Goa for granted. Big Brother is watching. The tourism service has published a list of “Nuisances” which will now be dealt with expertly.

  • Tourists will not be able to cook in public places under the sky and litter the area.
  • Beggars will not be able to ask for alms in tourist places and bother anyone.
  • Pesky vendors and peddlers will not be able to sell their wares on the roadside.
  • Driving on the beaches of Goa will attract strict police action.
  • The consumption of alcohol in public places and the breaking of glass bottles in tourist places are strictly prohibited with immediate effect.

If such offenders are caught, they will pay a fine which will start from a sum of five thousand rupees and can go up to a colossal sum of fifty thousand rupees.

Nikhil U Desai – Director of Tourism and Competent Authority – has given free rein to the Police Department to introduce a mad method and fulfill the dream of CM Dr Pramod Sawant who is always striving to make our Goa naturally beautiful Suniyojit Goem, Sukh-Shantimay Goem, Prekshaniya Goem, Arogyavan Goem and Souhard Goem.

To holiday in Goa – the original paradise on earth – it will now be incumbent on tourists to bring their common sense and civics, and; not to leave the same ones behind in their homes or their hometowns. In short, “Prekshaniya Goem” is an idea whose time has come with the BJP-led government in charge.


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