GC Labs has completed the International Fellowship Program Training Course for Disease Research Specialist (TB)


YONGIN, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GC Labs recently announced that it held a closing ceremony for the international training program “Infectious Disease Response Specialist Course” organized by the Korea Foundation for International Healthcare (KOFIH)

GC Labs has been actively promoting Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects in developing countries since the establishment of its infectious disease research center in 2021.

GC Labs offered a ‘Dr. Training course of the Lee Jong-wook Fellowship Program for Disease Research (TB) Specialist to 6 TB diagnostic infectious disease experts from Uganda and Cambodia from December 2021 to March 2022. This program consisted of theoretical and practical training that has improved the ability to deal with infectious diseases. The trainees studied much of the know-how in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis of the GC laboratories.

In particular, given that Uganda’s National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory (NTRL) supports 33 network countries in the Eastern Africa region, GC Labs expects the training opportunities offered by three NTRL advanced trainees are indirectly extended to these 33 countries.

‘dr. The Lee Jong-wook Fellowship Program is an invitational training program for medical personnel awarded by KOFIH to a leading medical institution. It was created to train medical personnel in developing countries, in accordance with the official wishes of WHO Secretary General Lee Jong-wook.

“We truly believe that this program is very meaningful, well suited to our management philosophy and continuously contributes to healthy human life.” said Lee, Eun Hee, MD., Ph.D., president of GC Labs. “We, a leading company in the field of clinical diagnostics, will continuously develop this type of training program while striving to contribute to global healthcare.”

“It was a great honor to learn the most advanced technology in TB diagnostics at GC Labs with the support of KOFIH,” commented Isaac Okeba, a trainee representative. “We will contribute to the development of health care in East Africa and fight against infectious diseases”

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