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Thiruvananthapuram: “Is shawarma a high-risk meat product?” This question resonated during the national seminar on safe food practices organized by the Food Safety Directorate on Tuesday as part of World Food Safety Day. The dish that recently caused fatal food poisoning in Kasaragod has changed the perception of a few people regarding the safety of its consumption. However, Dr. Vasudevan VN, one of the resource persons, replied that the problem was not the dish, but how to preserve the meat and how to cook it. According to him, food poisoning can occur due to the high microbial load in the raw material or improper preparation methods like cooking in a cone shape, which prevents heat from reaching the internal parts.
“We need to have regular safety inspections to make sure the food around us is safe to eat. We should know all the scientific aspects of storing and cooking food. The time between preparation and consumption and the use of unpasteurized ingredients also plays a significant role in food contamination,” said Dr Vasudevan V N.
The district-level seminar included various expert-led sessions on topics including Meat-borne Microbial Hazards: Indications and Interventions, Safety of Packaging Materials for Food Contact Applications, Safer Foods for better health, indian initiatives to promote safer food for better health and healthy body for healthy mind.
“Some of the recent incidents of food poisoning have made this year’s theme, ‘safer food for better health’, more relevant. When consumers make safe and healthy choices, the demand for healthy foods increases. It is therefore important to educate the public and involve them in the demand for healthy foods. At the same time, consumers should also be aware of the importance of storing raw foods and cooked foods separately,” said Dr. Indu PS, one of the resource persons.
The one-day seminar held at the Chaithram Hotel brought together students, hotel and restaurant associations and staff from the food safety department. According to Unnikrishnan Nair, Deputy Commissioner for Food Security, the courses delivered by the experts will have a positive impact on the participants and help take the issue seriously at the local level. He also said the seminar was being held as part of the department’s goal of ensuring food security.

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