Fine up to RO2,000 for selling goods that misuse religious books


Muscat – Severe penalties will be imposed on people who sell goods that misuse religious holy books, contravene public morals, customs and traditions.

The Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) said on Sunday that those who fail to comply with the rulings will face fines of up to RO2,000.

HE Dr. Saud bin Hamoud al Habsi, Chairman of the CPA Board, has issued Decision No. 1/222 amending certain provisions of the Consumer Protection Law Implementing Regulations.

The decision pointed out that the CPA will prohibit the sale of goods that bear phrases, images, slogans or symbols that misuse religious holy books, contravene public morals, customs and traditions.

The decision also confirmed that the consumer may, in the event of a dispute between him and the supplier, lodge a complaint with the competent department on the form prepared for this purpose, accompanied by supporting documents.

The competent department decides on the complaint within 30 days from the date of the complaint. The competent service may be assisted by an expert to give its technical opinion and prepare the report on the subject. The consumer bears the costs of the expert’s fees and, in the event of a final court decision in his favour, he is entitled to claim the expert’s fees.

The decision also stipulates that the service provider must follow certain rules when making promotional offers such as obtaining the approval of the relevant authority after coordinating with the authority to ensure that it does not there are no misleading offers or advertisements, in accordance with the controls established by the authority. . The provider must provide the authority with a copy of the approval and a statement explaining the method of carrying out the promotional offers to the consumer and the advertising publications linked to the offers.

The merchant must also provide a statement of the prizes, gifts and benefits that will be offered to winning consumers and a statement of the sale price before and after the offer, and sales receipts must be attached before the offer is made.

The ruling stated that there is an administrative fine not exceeding RO1,000 for anyone who violates the provisions of this ruling, and the fine can be doubled if the violation is repeated.

In case the violation continues, an administrative fine not exceeding RO50 is imposed for each day the violation continues, the total not exceeding RO2,000.

The decision was rendered on March 14, 2022 and takes effect the following day from the date of its publication in the official journal.

This decision was based on Royal Decree No. 26/2011 establishing the Consumer Protection Authority, the Consumer Protection Authority system promulgated by Royal Decree No. 53/2011, the Consumer Protection Law promulgated by Royal Decree No. 66/2014 and the Executive Regulation of the Consumer Protection Law issued by Resolution No. 77/2017, subject to the approval of the Council of Ministers and the Board of Directors of the Consumer Protection Authority.


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