Final-year medical students struggle to get course and internship certificates


New Delhi: Indian students who were pursuing their final year of medicine in Ukrainian medical colleges and universities are in trouble. They have not been able to acquire until now the course certificate and the internship certificate from the institute where they had studied.

Even though Ukrainian universities have promised to issue these certificates, the authorities say they cannot do anything at present because the country is at war with Russia.

Ukrainian universities have asked students to return for in-person classes which begin September 1. But the government does not ensure the safety of those who decide to return. Meanwhile, students worry about whether the government would be willing to help if the situation in Ukraine gets worse.

According to official data, around 20,000 Indian students have returned since the start of the war. The Union Finance Ministry says around 1,300 students have to repay loans worth Rs 133 crore. In addition, hundreds of people have benefited from loans from private financial institutions.


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