Ex-Teacher Files Discrimination Complaint Against Cobb School District


While speaking with an assistant director of behavior for Dryden, Williams expressed feelings of depression related to her medical diagnoses, the suit states.

Dryden contacted the authorities to have her evicted from the premises after being informed of these statements, according to the lawsuit. He claimed he feared she was a threat to herself, but Williams said she had made no comments regarding suicidal ideation.

Williams was unable to return to work until cleared by a medical professional. Shortly thereafter, she was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation related to her scoring methods and use of data. Williams said she was unaware of district-mandated methods, but any performance issues were related to her disabilities.

Williams said she later requested a transfer to another school, but the request was denied. At the end of the year, his contract was not renewed. Williams had worked in the district since 2013.

The lawsuit accuses the district of disregarding her disabilities, firing her for reasons related to her disability, and retaliating against her for requesting accommodations.

The situation is not uncommon for employees of all types, said Kirby Smith, an attorney at the labor law firm representing Williams.

“This is a situation where the facts really do seem to indicate that the school administration has a problem with Ms. Williams’ medical condition and is subsequently taking action to come up with a long list of reasons to terminate her,” Smith said. “I think that’s a situation that a lot of employees can fall into.”


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