Don Bosco University will introduce a certificate course in drone technology


Azara: Assam Don Bosco University has partnered with Bangalore-based ZMotion Autonomous Systems Private Ltd to introduce a host of courses in the university ranging from certificate to Mtech level.

The two private groups have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will benefit students from the particular and also the North East region in the years to come.

A high-tech laboratory under the name “New Frontier Technology Lab” will soon be operational. As part of this collaboration, ADBU will be able to offer a multitude of courses ranging from certificate to M Tech level.

Courses to be introduced at the university are Unmanned Vehicle/Drone Design and Development, Advanced Avionics and Communication Research, Prototype Development for Conceptual Systems, Operational Development for drones, a remote pilot training organization for drone operators and project consulting in civil and defense applications.

“We will have a Remote Pilot Training Organization (RPTO) where we can learn how to fly a drone,” said Major Arun Seedharan, business development manager at ZMotion.

“The country’s dream is to build a drone hub by 2030 and that will only be possible when we have a lot of drone pilots who can understand how it works and how it can be used for deliveries,” he said. -he declares.

“There are very remote places, where you know that traveling by road takes time. In such scenarios, drones can be used to deliver lifesaving relief and medicine in emergencies,” he said.

“This project will aim to bring together people who are passionate about building technology, the exploitation of technology. We would like to put technology in the hands of people who can innovate, tinker and create new solutions,” he said.

The main laboratory will be located on the Azara campus next to the School of Technology. For practical work, the Tapesia campus in Sonapur will also be available.

The development of applications towards social welfare, medical support, search and rescue will be given higher priority for implementation in accordance with the MoU.

“We want to offer a variety of higher education options to young people in the North East. And this is yet another unique initiative in this direction to prevent our youth from leaving the region in search of quality higher education,” said Dr. Stpehen Mavely, Vice Chancellor of Assam Don Bosco University .

ZMotion is a company involved among other things in the design, development and manufacture of products in the field of unmanned vehicles or drones,

ADBU is a private university established under the Act of the Assam Legislative Assembly in 2009, contributing to the rapid growth of the science and technology landscape of North East India under the science schools and technology.

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