Department of Transportation launches books and policies to effectively address governance and integrity issues


PETALING JAYA: In an effort to lead and strengthen the Ministry of Transportation as an aspiring, upright, and corruption-free organization, the ministry has launched several books and policies.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri, Dr Wee Ka Siong, said the initiative included the publication and implementation of the anti-corruption policy statement, the corruption risk management plan (CRM), the plan anti-corruption organization of the Ministry of Transport (OACP) 2020 to 2025 and the plan of the Ministry of Transport. MS Licensing ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-Corruption Management System (ABMS).

“Through the publication of the policy book on the anti-corruption management system and the code of ethics, we hope to continue the efforts of the Ministry of Transport to deal more effectively with issues of governance, integrity and corruption.

“The policy book on the anti-corruption management system and the code of ethics will be a source of reference and guidance for all members of the ministry as well as all stakeholders to deal with any form of deviation, abuse of power and corruption within the ministry.

“The anti-corruption policy of the Ministry of Transport described the vision, mission, anti-corruption plans and the monitoring mechanism as well as the performance guidelines to be achieved in order to eradicate corruption within the ministry,” he said. he said in a Facebook post on Wednesday, November 24. after attending the book launch ceremony.

Dr Wee added that the book highlights the breadth of responsibilities and clearly states the ministry’s goals by reinforcing the principles of best management, cultivating transparency, accountability and integrity among ministry staff.

“It can be implemented through a strategy using the Eliminate, Reduce, Increase and Create model.

“The ministry is preparing to achieve the MS ISO 37001: 2016 ABMS standard.

“In planning major projects and governance issues, the Minister of Transport always obtains information and advice from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

“The image and integrity of the Ministry of Transport must be preserved in the interest of good and transparent governance,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Wee expressed his gratitude for MACC’s support for the Ministry of Transport’s efforts to strengthen the level of management, eliminate abuse of power and corruption as well as crimes within the ministry and all agencies. that depend on it.

He added that the launch of the policy book is in line with November, which is Integrity Month.

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