Department of Health Launches Lead Testing in Drinking Water in Schools and Daycares | State


Today, the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Drinking Water announced the launch of a voluntary drinking water testing program for lead in Virginia schools and daycares nationwide. ‘State. This free program will test drinking water for lead in select Virginia public schools and daycares.

The goal of this program, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, is to help Virginia public schools and daycares identify occurrences of lead in drinking water and reduce exposure. Currently, the program has approximately $1.1 million in funding, which will be able to collect and analyze 40,000 samples.

Virginia public schools (K-12) and daycares interested in participating in this program should register at The selected schools/nurseries will be informed by the VDH team.

Selection to the program is based on available funding with prioritization based on affordability criteria established by the state under the Safe Drinking Water Act, to include schools with at least 50% of children receiving free and reduced lunches and advance facilities. Priority will also be given to elementary schools and daycares that primarily serve children 6 and under and older facilities that are more likely to have lead plumbing.

“This program is an incredible opportunity to partner with schools and daycares to help identify and reduce children’s exposure to lead in drinking water,” said Bureau Deputy Director Dr. Tony Singh. Of drinking water. “Every step we take to reduce lead exposures improves the health of our children.”


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