Bridge course for Indian medical students displaced from Ukraine receives overwhelming response


The bridging course announced by JSS Medical College for medical students displaced from Ukraine due to war and due to COVID-19 from China, received an overwhelming response within 24 hours of its announcement.

A total of 511 students from all over India including 321 from Karnataka have expressed interest and the course is expected to start in the second week of May.

So said Suttur Mutt seer Shivaratri Deshikendra Swamiji, at whose request the college authorities explored various ways to help war-affected Indian medical students whose studies have been interrupted.

Addressing a press briefing here on Sunday, the seer said that while students would be allowed to attend the theory classes and all lab facilities would also be open to them free of charge, they can only observe patients and not would not be permitted to examine them or administer treatment according to current standards of medical education.

Apart from Karnataka, students from Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat and other places have also shown interest and applied for admission which is now closed.

Dr. B. Suresh, Pro Chancellor, JSS Academy of Higher Education, said the bridging course would include four groups of 125 students each who were studying at different levels in Ukraine and China. “These classes will be tailor-made after course mapping so that students learn the subjects relevant to the curriculum being pursued at their respective institutions,” Dr. Suresh said.

At the end of the course, the duration of which could vary from four weeks to six or even eight weeks depending on the subjects introduced, the students would be issued a certificate with the details of the subjects studied and the evaluation of the professors of the JSS Medical College on the basis of evaluation of each student. But the certificate itself could not be used to assert legal rights to recognition etc., and the course was only intended to ensure that studies were not disrupted, he added.

Dr Suresh said the world is moving towards a global scenario where students displaced to one location due to natural disasters due to climate change or other man-made demands like war etc., could s enroll to pursue their studies elsewhere. “We at JSS Medical College are mentally preparing for such a scenario and offering the bridging course under the international JSS India initiative,” he added.

Dr Surendra Singh, Vice-Chancellor, said the bridging course would help bridge the knowledge and skills gap that was occurring due to lack of contact with teachers and access to labs. Students were helped to bridge the gap and even if it was only for a period of a month or a bit more, based on the feedback there might be a course correction, he added. . Also, subjects currently taught online would not be covered to avoid overlap. While the bridging course was offered free of charge, students had to make their own arrangements for accommodation, food, etc.

Dr.M. Manjunath, Registrar, Dr. Basavanna Gowdappa, Director of JSS Medical College, were among those present.


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