Brahmananda Narayana Multispecialty Hospital Launches Medical Gastroenterology Department


Tapani Ghosh, facility manager of the hospital, announced a free health check-up camp on March 5

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Published on 02.03.22, 18:30

Higher incidences of liver and digestive problems affect Jamshedpur and its surroundings considerably. Although the latest advances in procedures and treatments have added to the ease, the lack of reach, affordability and good specialist inputs remains one of the biggest issues for many.

In an attempt to bridge this gap, the Tamolia-based Brahmananda Narayana Multi-Specialty Hospital (BNMS) launched the Department of Medical Gastroenterology on Wednesday.

From now on, patients will be able to benefit from efficient outpatient services every working day and will benefit from comprehensive care and treatment.

Dr Amiya Ranjan, consultant in medical gastroenterology at the hospital, said: “Many Indians treat themselves and the minor to major stomach health problems of their family members with home remedies, which can potentially put their health at risk as some of them may be symptoms of larger underlying liver and digestive problems. Apart from this, chronic liver problems can be present in a number of noticeable symptoms such as jaundice, sallow skin, loss of appetite and ascites in stomach etc. They require urgent attention. Whether it’s a minor stomach ailment or a major symptom of liver problem, always consult the relevant doctors to avoid future risks.”

“The treatment of gastroenterological disorders and liver disorders is only possible under the supervision of super-specialist doctors. Generally, patients need quality medical advice and care to ensure that the disease does not recur. With the launch of this service, patients in Jamshedpur and adjoining areas will have easy access to proper care and advice,” he said.

He went on to say that facilities for interventional procedures such as endoscopy, colonoscopy, endoscopic variceal ligation, glue injection therapy and foreign body removal, etc. will be available at the hospital.

Tapani Ghosh, facility manager of the hospital, added, “When it comes to liver and digestive issues, BNMH is a fully equipped hospital for quality care with the latest advancements and experienced doctors and management. .

He announced a free health check-up camp on March 5, Saturday, where patients with liver and digestive problems can be seen.

For pre-registration, patients can call the toll-free number 1800 309 0309.


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