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Barker makes excellent use of the Bard’s quotes throughout. At one point Jules reflects: “O Romeo, Romeo – why did you leave me to deal with this…alone?”

After the heartbreak, the intrigues, the betrayals, the gunfire, in the end, saving the world is a matter of love.

Earworm! by Jo Knowles, illustrated by Galia Bernstein; Candlewick Press) $17.99.

Little Worm has a song stuck in his head (“Shimmy shimmy, no-sashay”) but none of his animal friends can tell him how it got there, because they have their own unique songs stuck in their head. This fun read aloud—its sweet ending makes it the perfect bedtime story—is the first picture book by Jo Knowles, author of numerous young adult and middle-aged novels. The exuberant illustrations are by Galia Bernstein, illustrator of the Monkey and Elephant books.

Strangeville School Is Totally Normal by Darcy Miller, illustrated by Brett Helquist; Random House, 237 pages ($16.99) Ages 8-12.

Harvey Hill is a new student at Strangeville School and isn’t quite sure what to make of its very strange aspects, including a closet of evil supplies, a human-sized rat named Cuddles, a school nurse with a fondness for amputations and dodge ball gym classes. played with heavy drugs and bowling balls that cause real injuries.


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