Body Cameras Increase Indianola Police Department Accountability | Radio KNIA KRLS


Body Cameras Increase Indianola Police Department Accountability | KNIA KRLS Radio – The One You Can Count On

The Indianola City Council and the Indianola Police Department have begun the process of purchasing body cameras used by on-duty officers. Acting Chief Brian Sher told KNIA News the cameras will provide better protection and transparency for the public and officers, and add another level of trust with the department in the community.

“We want to be responsible for everything we do. Right now all we have are on-board cameras, and it only picks up a certain angle, it doesn’t pick up all the volume and conversations with people. We want to have something where we can be 100% accountable to the people we serve. »

Acting Chief Sher will be featured on an upcoming Public Safety In Depth show with Dr. Bob Leonard.


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