BBB 22 | Eliezer, Vyni and Laís “recalculate course” after leaving Jade Picon


BBB 22

Jade Picon left BBB 22 this Tuesday (09) and left a lot of doubt in the minds of many people.

© Reproduction / Globe“We were too well affected”: the brothers recalculate the path after the departure of Jade Picon at BBB 22

While waiting for the Leader’s Test, which will take place this Thursday (10) at BBB 22, some brothers who were Jade Picon’s allies in reality TV are recalculating the path after the influencer’s departure.

In the famous Quarto Lollipop, Laís, Eliezer and Vinicius discuss the situation of the trio after the result of the wall on Tuesday (09). The bachelor of law admits: “I’m as cracked as you!” But Eliezer disagrees with him and makes his situation worse. “I think I’m over,” he said.

Then the businessman comments with Laes on the possible votes this week. “Dad won’t come after you, she’ll come after me.” So Scooby won’t come to you now, she’ll come to me. Gustavo will not come to you, he will come to me. Lucas will check. Mine is sure to be [na reta]’, he concludes.


Lys listens attentively and thinks: “Do you realize that if you get rid of her, you will…”. You couldn’t finish the sentence, because Eliezer did this: “They’re going to you”, which made the doctor laugh.

“Either you or I are very damaged,” says Laiss, who began speculating with Eliezer and Vinicius on what they might do if they managed to stay off the wall this week. According to them, they may be called Lynn, Natalia and Giselani.


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